Monster Allergy invades Lucca Comics

On the occasion of this year's Lucca Comics Festival in Italy, globally-renowned publisher Tunué have decided to treat attendees with several surprises. During what many agree is the most important graphic novel festival in the industry, Tunué will present several new editions, with a particular focus on a reprint of Monster Allergy, which will be issued as a special deluxe version. In addition to the reprinting, the Festival programme includes several Monster Allergy related events and on 31st October, in attention to a conference held at the Palazzo Ducale in Lucca, you can also enjoy a Monster Allergy Fancy Dress Party where authors and collaborators will be the guests of honour along with characters from the series. But the surprises don't end there! Tunué has decided to commission Camaloon to create a special pack of Monster Allergy pin badges and stickers for the event. These special edition products were chosen because they are light, versatile, transport easily and are a thrill for collectors. And this way, the Monster Allergy characters - whether on a notebook, fridge, a piece of furniture or a secret diary - will always stay close to their fans! :)

For more information about this pack,feel free to contact us!

/ federico