Micro-interview with Sebastián Gagin

What are your centres of interest

I have a special passion for the typography, the identity, reading, the cards, the flags, pictures, music, cities and animals.

Where does come from your passion for art?

I try to get inspired by my life environment, and sometimes I even try to influence it. My passion comes from the my questions and my will to change things. I give a try to never stay doing nothing; I keep searching new things all the time.

How do you get inspired?

More than just inspiration, I’d rather call this research. In a continuous way, I carry on searching and discovering new things. That’s where come from my ideas; maybe that is the real inspiration. To reach my point, I try to run far from the usual. I try to go out, walking down the street or biking on the street, taking the bus, train, meeting people… I can stop and focus on details, take pictures, draw houses drafts. To visit museum and wonderful places can also be a way to get inspiration.

Do you have a favorite artist – famous or not?

No, not really no… I have guides, and plenty of artworks for people who inspire me. But they come from totally different worlds; artists, writers, musicians, cooks and even animals!

What are your different steps to create ?

I switch seasons of intuitiveness and those I create fast with the first thing that comes to my mind. Sometimes, I can happen with just a paper in a bar. Then, there are other times I focus more on my tasks to do. This phase happens usually in my atelier where I work and with the appropriate conditions for me to work.

Ask yourself a question and answer it :

What do you feel like eating right now? A banana split !!

Last comment ?

Thank you !

Thank you Sebastian for the time you took for us and for answering to our questions.