Camaloon presents: Pablo Sikosia

Dream beard Pablo Sikosia

Hi Guys! Today we will talk about a Great illustrator of Beards and Fashion, Pablo Sikosia. Instead of answering the usual questions, he tells us that “the design and the colours are his emotional gasoline”. For each illustration he goes from human to hipster and reverse. And starting now, you can look at his artworks and buy them on cases for iPhone and on many other products.

He thinks that Camaloon is an “intercontinental chameleon which gets the shape the design wants” and we love this description! Let’s ask him some more questions:

Hi Pablo,

What are you interested in?

I’m mostly interested in museums, because watching decades and centuries of artistic creations are a real creative synergy. Traveling is really interesting for me, because I can discover new countries, new people and another kind of world opens in your mind and brings new insight.

Where does your passion for art come from?

Since I’m a kid I used to be keen on getting interested by art. When I was young, I used to read a lot, visit museums and draw all the time. All this created a pattern, and thus, being an illustrator was inevitable.

How do you get inspiration?

Lately my inspiration depends on fashion trends. I go to exhibitions and investigate to catch up with designs and trends and thus design my characters’ clothes with a common pattern. It’s like Picasso said: “Inspiration is still here, you just need to find it by working”.

Do you have a favourite artist – famous or not?

My three favourite artists and referrals for drawing start with René Gruau’s stroke, then the aesthetics of Jordi Labanda and finish with Shag’s pop colours!

How do you create?

I must have some background music to draw. Music is able to boost emotions so it helps you find inspiration and helps start doodling and illustrating. My creative environment is usually my place, even though the ideas sometimes come from a cafeteria, a park, an airport and so on.

Which product would you like to draw for Camaloon?

Many beards! Thick ones, dense ones, savage ones, submissive ones and others with colours and flowers.

Ask yourself a question and answer to it:

Would the person you were 6 years ago be proud of the person you are now? I think so.

A last comment?

Smile and the rest will come by itself :)

Thank you Pablo for taking your time and answering our questions! It was a pleasure to talk to you!

And you readers, lovers of beard drawings and fashion, run toPablo’s gallery and discover his incredible artworks!

Pablo Sikosia's Camaloon Gallery