Micro-interview with Gerald Bear

Unconventional heroes

Tell us what you like in two lines (colour, song, film, food…)

I have a particular passion for Music and Movies. I try to keep updated on new music groups, i always listen to music when i work, i'd like to in the future to do a series on songs or groups that have inspired me. I watch a lot of movies of any kind without prejudice, i prefer to see them first and then judge.

Tell us something about the beginning of your career.

There has not been a real beginning, that i remember i always drew since childhood as all children. The design is absolutely, i think the first form of communication.

Where does your passion for art come from?

Is all the fault of my mother.

Joke, I remember that as a child led me to the exhibitions of Pollock, Kandinsky, Warhol, Hopper. For a child, all those colors those figures were like toys, i always wanted to touch them. Now that i'm an adult i continue to play.

When you go back to your birth town, where is it you really go?

I was born in New York when he was 7 years old, my parents moved to work in Milan. So I have been adopted by this incredible city, almost all my academic career, and I did it here in Italy. I like to go back every now and then to New York to visit my grandparents, but you can safely say that I am Italian.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere, it will happen to you to look at a random object or set of objects and see another figure, i've always found it fascinating.

Observe is the key.

Who’s your favourite artist? Famous or not.


The whole genre of Pop Art, Futurism, Neo-realism.

How would you describe your work?

Is simply a tribute.

To all those people with humor, which do not need to drive a ferrari to be heroes.

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¿Twitter or Facebook?

I do not have Twitter.

What would you tell your clients to help them create artworks?

Look at what surrounds you from different perspectives.

One last comment?

I hope I have not bored. :)

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