Micro-interview with Alessio Rotulo

Tell us what you like in two lines (colour, song, film, food…)

Illustration, graphic design, art, tattoos,street art, ink, guitar, rock, trip hop, jazz, reggae, magazines, New york,

Tokyo, Kyoto, tv series, movies, posters, pizza, pasta, stickers, pin up, boobs, my dog, cool stuff, trash stuff.......

Tell us something about the beginning of your career.

I start my career as a graphic designer six years ago and two years ago i decided to start working also as a freelance illustrator

Where does your passion for art come from?

My passion for art starts when my father bought me a comic book

Where do you find inspiration?

I would love to answer this question in a romantic way(from the sea, from the mountain.....)...but I usually take inspiration from internet and from strange people

Who’s your favourite artist? Famous or not.

I'm really in love with the works of Al Hirschfeld, Miguel Covarrubias and Magnus

How do you create? Where?

I usually draw a rough sketch and then I scan it and elaborate it using illustrator, photoshop and a wacom tablet....usually in my own office

How would you describe your work?

A mix of comics, graphic design, tattoo and strange characters

The Walrus Tattoo pin by Alessio Rotulo

Twitter or Facebook?

Facebook.....add me if you want !

What would you tell your clients to help them create artworks?

Dear clients please don't ask me to draw an hyperrealistic portrait of your dog using watercolor......take a look to my portfolio and ask me to do something fitting my own style!

One last comment?

Buy my stuff on Camaloon......Right Now!!

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/ federico