Micro-interview with Ale Giorgini


Tell us something about you in two lines

My name is Ale and I make my living by drawing whatever I think of. I usually draw crowds of people linked together in seemingly random ways...Just like in real life.

Tell us something about your passions

I love cinema, I think you can find my big passion into a big part of my work. I listen to everything, especially my dog barking. To get relaxed I spend time in the kitchen. I would eat pizza every day. I would like to live near the sea. Maybe one day I will open a pizzeria on the beach.

The first time we met you was for the Illustri exhibition. What can you tell us about this great event?

Someone said “Illustri was the show of the year”. The feedback we received was really amazing, definitely unexpected in numbers. I’m really satisfied about that. Actually we’re working on the future of the show…

Which product would you like to draw for Camaloon?

A dinnerware sets

How do you create? (Environment, place, inspirations )

I'm a pretty early riser. The pencil is the first tool I use to give life to the artwork. Once you build the image, everything turns to digital: I scan the pencil, I draw lines with illustrator, adding colour and thrash shadows, textures and quavers in photoshop. I’m a music lover when I work, background music (I turn it off only when I have to write my own comic book stories) in addition my dog Betty assists me in the studio. A good-fellowship.

In april there will be Back2Back, and you’ll be there. What we can we expect from that?

I'm really happy to participate in this extraordinary event in the company of great colleagues. The group arranged by Picame is really amazing: Mauro Gatti, James Rosati, Francesco Poroli, Gloria Pizzilli , Jordan Pilipo, Julia Sagramola and many others. Gloria and I will be engaged in a live painting on a 4x4m size wall-canvas. I can’t reveal more about what we plan on doing, I can only say that it will be a really "original" evening.

Tell us a story, personal or professional ;)

Some time ago I dedicated an illustration to the movie The Blues Brothers, which I posted on my facebook page. The image came to the eyes of Tom "Bones" Malone, one of the members of the band in the movie, he wrote me asking me where he could buy that poster because he absolutely wanted. It is an honor to know that now, that poster, is proudly exposed at the Malone residence.

What is for you Camaloon?

The perfect way to wear colour and creativity.

One last comment?

Should we eat a pizza?

For Camaloon Ale has designed pins, magnets, stickers and some incredible skins. Find more in his gallery here.

Awesome pins from Ale

/ federico