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Introduce yourself in two lines

I am a Catalan illustrator living in Barcelona. I studied Graphic Design and Illustration, I'm restless and I like to carry out new actions and projects.

Tell us a little bit more about you. What do you like? (a colour, a song, a movie, food...)
I listen to all kinds of music, usually while I draw. And I like to enjoy it live, so in my free time I like to go to concerts.

Where does your passion for art come from?
I have been drawing since I have memory. My family describes me as a peaceful child, who could spend hours drawing and hand-crafting. I always felt attracted to art.

Ask yourself a question, then answer it.
Which project would you really love to do but haven't had the chance yet? I'd love to paint a mural!

Is there any Camaloon artist that you like?

Through Camaloon I met great artists that I was unaware of. To give you an example, I love Paula Blanche's work.

How would you describe your style?

Generally, I do portraits. Especially girls. I love to use my pencil and apply colour touch with watercolour or digitally, gaining contrast with the black and white background. I love to experiment and change my technique or resource to learn and have fun in every project.

Who is your favourite artist? - Whether famous or not.

I really like Paula Bonet's work, her illustrations are very sensitive.

Tell us about your artworks on Camaloon.

I started my gallery on Camaloon with the four girls portraits. I'm attracted to fashion illustration and lately I have been combining girls portraits with watercolour patterns.

Galería de Marta Bellvehí

We would love to hear an anecdote of yours!

A few years ago I started a personal project on my blog, which consisted of illustrating songs. I chose as a linker the language, and since we're living a kind of 'Catalan song Golden Age', the songs I chose where all sung in Catalan. I tweeted illustrations and uploaded them on Facebook to share them with music fans and the musicians . Thanks to Social Media Channels I have been published for a year now on the Enderrock Magazine.

How would you define Camaloon?

It is a platform that gives the chance to meet different artists and dress their illustrations.

Last comment?

You can follow my illustrations on

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