MARKETERs Club and custom buttons for events

On June 21st, 2019, Camaloon had the pleasure and honor to collaborate with MARKETERs Club from the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. MARKETERs Club is a student association which, through the event “MARKETERs Day 2019 – The Silk Road”, aims to create connections between students and world-wide recognized brands within the marketing and communication sectors.

The main speakers of this event were Massimo Bullo, Marketing Director Italy at Nintendo, Iacopo Salemmi and Davided Lunardelli, Sales Manager and Marketing Manager Italy at Xiaomi Technology, and last but not least Andrea Colombi, Country Manager Italy at Yamaha Motor.

MARKETERs Day 2019 – The Silk Road was also an occasion to speak with the organizers of the event and below you can see what questions we asked them, along with their responses.

What happens inside MARKETERs Club?

First of all, the only prerequisite for membership is to be enrolled in a university that hosts one of our committees – at the moment the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and the University of Turin. From there, training opportunities open up, ranging from events focusing on the main trends in the business world, to training courses and partnerships with industry events. In particular at “MARKETERs Day 2019- The Silk Road”, we talked about the major Eastern brands and how they have established themselves in the international market.

For the organization of each of our events, certain members of the club are selected to join the task forces in accordance with our motto: learning by doing.

How do you work with the companies you partner with?

First of all, we are students so we work with companies that look to the future by focusing on the youth, like Camaloon in this case. Thanks to the three events we organize each year, we offer the partner companies visibility in front of an audience of interested students and marketing professionals. In short, working with us means hitting a target of professionals of the present, but especially professionals of the future!

How do you choose promotional items for your events?

This is a subject that is close to our hearts and something that we are always considering a great deal. Our idea is to have promotional items that fully represent the event in question and that are useful gifts for participants.

In this regard, for example, the custom buttons provided by Camaloon were chosen for MARKETERs Day because they are a product that reflects the sense of belonging to a community, one of the factors that we care most about. We made sure that everyone present would get the custom Camaloon button by delivering them with the welcome kit: next academic year we will have our buttons on many backpacks around the Ca’ Foscari’s campus.

Custom buttons for your events!

Camaloon would like to thank the MARKETERs community for their availability and attention to the future and congratulates them on the spirit of initiative shown in a project that knows how to look beyond.

To learn more about the speakers who gave a speech at MARKETERs Day 2019, here are the links to their LinkedIn profiles:

Massimo Bullo (Marketing Director Italy, Nintendo)

Iacopo Salemmi (Sales Manager, Xiaomi Technology)

Davide Lunardelli (Marketing Manager, Xiaomi Technology)

Andrea Colombi (Country Manager Italia, Yamaha Motor)

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