How to make an opening memorable

This is one of the sold pieces of work after the opening of the exhibition "Une oeuvre Deux artistes" by JM Robert and Julien Rayneaud, two French artists who come from the urban art world and who last February 26th brought together more than 300 people in the gallery SBK in Lyon, setting out a live performance full of colour.

The exhibition consisted of the two artists painting in a contemporary way onto different canvases; a perfect act to unveil the work to the public, which currently will be open until the April 11th.

But the organisers were not only happy to do the live performance, but making the most of the occasion, they went to Camaloon to produce flexible magnets to give as a gift to the attendees.

Using the details of the exhibition poster, they decided to concentrate the relevant information into these magnets, to make sure the event is remembered in full colour.

/ federico