Let's show some Team spirit!

This weekend we got up and drove out to the countryside to show some team spirit:

The project: Move our construction site from one plant to a far bigger factory building about 11 km east. The challenge: Clean out the old plant, build a steel-framed platform (house inside a house) with Ikea-instructions and set up electricity, light and all other things needed to start producing buttons on Monday. The team: The fit and skilled production workforce, the pally and Internet-addicted office squad and our family members and friends, such as the friendly DHL-guy. The action: Getting up at dawn, not getting lost without gps, huddling together and distributing tasks, tackling the challenge, taking coffee-breaks and switching positions, documenting the progress, singing along for motivation, shopping for the missing parts, clapping ourselves on the shoulder for the good work, eating chicken together on the floor, taking a last group-picture and closing the door behind us all clapping after a great day of team-work! The result: See for yourself Video made by: Masumi Mutsuda Music: White Noise https://myspace.com/whitenoisewn & https://www.facebook.com/wnband