The beauty of imperfection

Tell us a little about yourself.

Fidgety by nature and graphic designer by profession, I use boredom as a creative tool and find myself a permanent state of mental alertness. Not to mention in constant evolution. And naturally, this can get exhausting.

And what about your designs for Camaloon?

I created a series of humourous illustrations about what it means to be human. The series, entitled "Nobody is Perfect," is simply about accepting ourselves, with small doses of humour and very explicit references to several iconic films.

Tote bags Nobody is perfect

How did this project begin?

As a creative process following an intense conversation at a bar that lasted about four hours. Afterwards, I went for a walk and images began to form in my mind fused with some of my own imperfections and those of others. That stroll turned into a sprint to get home to start creating those mental images digitally.

I discovered that it could be very liberating to create work about common imperfections, especially ones we live with on a daily basis, then attribute them to a character from a TV series or a film.

How would you describe your job?


Which project are you most proud of?

All artists say their pieces are like their children. But since I'm not an artist, I have a soft spot for "Sociopath" and "Bipolar" - two characters I created. They're a spot-on example of how life really is, while remaining hidden or repressed most of the time.

Tell us what you'd most like to personalise.

A commercial plane so you can see my work fly through the air like Superman. And when someone looks at it, they'll wonder if it's a plane. And the answer will be: yes, it's a plane.

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