Inspiring details at the North Sea coast

Introduce yourself in two lines

Heya fellow humans! This is Tiki here,… a restless dreamer and avid explorer driven by Wanderlust, exotic cultures and the love for nature and the Sea. I just want to make art and share inspiration.

Tell us something about the beginning of your career.

I started drawing before I can remember but had phases in between, when I didn't do much. After school I studied Japanese for a while, but realized I needed more creativity in my profession. So I went to study Architecture & Interior Design. I never lost my love for illustration and crafty design though. So since I graduated last year I've been refocussing and set out on a double career path - trying to become a better architectural designer, as well as growing a small biz to share my passion for drawing, illustrations and graphic design.

Where does your passion for art come from?

That's a tough question... Isn't every child an artist by birth? I was fortunate to have parents who encouraged my brothers and me to go with whatever we were enthusiastic about. Drawing, music, Judo, skating, crazy inventions, wanting to be a helicopter pilot one day, a marine biologist the other or a lighthouse-guard the next… any fantasy imagination that came up in our child-minds was cool for them. So they let us explore and develop our creativity. But honestly, I never considered myself very creative. My brothers inspired me a lot. One with the way he just created things out of a brief idea, totally relaxed without fear of failing. The other with his attitude of doing things out of impulse, not caring too much about people’s opinion. Those are things I’m still learning ;) As for me, I'm simply in love with images of all kinds and can become so obsessed about things and phenomena that I just have to share and express that.

Where do you find inspiration?

Pinterest is an awesome source! haha... Now seriously I'd say it's nature with all its amazing creations, landscapes, creatures, patterns, power and ultimate feelings it can evoke. Since I made my dream of living by the Sea come true recently, I found a whole new universe of inspiring details here at the North Sea coast. It’s the little and mostly overlooked things that fascinate me the most.

Is there any other Camaloon artist that you like?

Oh loads!! There are so many splendid artworks out there.Like those of Terry Fan, Mat Miller, Marta Bellvehí and I definitely got a thing for animal illustration as found with Edurne Lacunza, David Fleck, or Rika Nagahata. Tropical and Surfart like Sandra Moncusi’s and the pineapples of Pura Vida by Marta Li. And there are so many more lovely, quirky artist: Marta Munte, Daniela Spoto, Mike Koubou… just to mention a few.

Tell us about your creations on Camaloon.

Well…not that many artworks I got here yet. (I promise more very soon!) But I reduced these to stuff made during the last year, since I finished college and finally had time to create things without a certain task or expectations to fulfil.
The cat drawing holds a special place in my soul, because I made in tribute to the sweet and adored cats of my mom, who both died a few months ago. They were part of the family.
The Pineapple for me is a symbol not just for summer, but also for tropical Wanderlust and an urge to explore faraway lands. This fruit I drew still on its stem and in a fine and detailed manner because I think that shows its natural elegance better than reducing it to a plain trend-symbol.

A Ship in Port

The project that makes you proud.

Hm,… if any at all, that would probably be the wall painting I did in the house of my former landlord/housemate copying the typographic “A Ship in Port” almost 1-1 onto his living room wall. All by hand with a few tiny brushes. The original drawing is not even 15cm high, and I painted it almost ten times as big on a rough-textured wall. Took almost two weeks till I was content. Everybody was amazed of the outcome. There are pictures of it on my facebook page.

What is Camaloon for you?

As far as I see it, first of all Camaloon is a lovely bunch of art-loving people who form this company providing a wonderful opportunity for small starting creatives like me, as well as more established ones to share their work and make it available to the people out there. I love the way you guys communicate with artist in a very personal way. Making it feel like being a part of the thing, and not just a random customer.

Tell us a funny story about you or your work.

Not sure if that’s really funny, but when you know my ridiculously intense perfectionist-tendencies it would probably make you smile and shake your head: In the making of the rather simple Tribal Cross illustration, that I made on the basis of a random doodle edited in PS, I made sooo many variations for the colour combination (background, outlines, inner details) that it took two days and the consultancy of two friends – not to mention disk space – before I had it narrowed down again to 3 favourites, …of which I ended up picking the plain grey one, which was the original one I had made in the first place. That’s how efficient I am with workflows… not.

One last comment?

I’m looking forward to post more artworks soon. And as for the future at this platform I’m humbly hoping for maybe a broadened product range? ..Shirts are cool! But tote bags or pillowcases would be so awesome, too! ;)

/ federico