Never stop learning, life never stops teaching

Tell us what you like in two lines (colour, song, film, food…)

• I like Krav Maga, sports of all kinds and shapes, and i'm a movie lover too. But much more than all of this, like my family, my friends and my life.

Tell us something about the beginning of your career.

• In the beginning, i was just a 15 years old scared little man, trying to make some art for magazines. Not work at all, and then, i became a advertising student, knew some big guys for the market and the international scene (marvel and dc illustrators), and start to make some things for advertising agencies.

Where does your passion for art come from?

• I start to drawn when i was very young, 8 years old, like a copy of things i liked... I believe this came from the comic books i buy that time.

When you go back to your birth town, where is it you really go?

• Actually i live in my birth town all my life, its a very big city, whit lot of cultural scene. The gastronomy here was one of the bests in the world, and any place whit food, is a good place to be...

Where do you find inspiration?

• My inspiration came from the nature, in all the ways. Colors, forms, shapes... People inspire me a lot too!

Who's your favourite artist? Famous or not.

• I really love the work of the great urban artists of today, like Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, Banksy, Calma... Like my ex assistent work too, Luciana Abraao. Like Scott Campbell sketches. Like Disney and Pixar animators... When someone makes art, using their best skills, carefully, is almost impossible to unlike it.

How do you create? Where?

• I'm using a old white macbook, whit a bamboo table to create, in my bedroom. Just picking a lot of references, making some sketches to study, and then, finally drawing it whit illustrator.

How would you describe your work?

• I like to think my work is a kind of pop art. Comics related, whit a lot of color, using popular scenes and periods...

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Twitter or Facebook?

• I'm using thiagorpedro as username in both. Actually, i use thiagorpedro in all social networks, just search it, and you'll find me.

What would you tell your clients to help them create artworks?

• Before start to create, be sure to know all the details involved in the artwork, and the purpose of the work... All os this will guide you to make a great piece, in time, with some great results.

One last comment?

• Never stop learning, life never stops teaching

/ federico