The new vibe of the Camaloon office

/ federico

- Hello Txell! Welcome again to the Camaloon family! Well, we know each other from before, don’t we?

Yes, when I was still a student I was a blogger on Camaloon. Now I have come back with a slightly different job.

- And what do you do now at Camaloon?

Now I am the Office Manager: my mission is that everyone should be happy in the office. You should have everything you need and work in an environment where you feel comfortable. I’m also working on the new design of the office: we want to create a super office where you feel so good that you won’t ever want to go home.

- Now it’s time to confess which Camaloon product all Office Managers have to have.

It’s not something I always carry around, but I’ll soon ask for wall stickers to decorate the different corners of the office. They are very easy to apply and in a jiffy that boring wall takes on a different air.

- Since you arrived, you’ve been able to see new product lines at Camaloon, what is the new product you like best?

I love the new product that you are going to bring out this winter and that I’ve seen around the office. I am waiting for them to come out to order a pair.

- What do you like best about the Camaloon offices and what you would like to include soon?

I like the amount of light they have and the feeling of space. Soon I’ll see puffs, lots of plants and swings.

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