Merchandise as art: introducing M.P. Gautheron

/ federico

Introduce yourself in a couple of sentences

I'm a 27-year old French artist living in Lyon. I have a Masters in Art and Illustration. Now I'm trying to make a name for myself through exhibitions.

How did you get started as an artist?

I've always been surrounded by art, thanks to my mum who is a painter and art teacher.

What excites you about this genre of art?

Painting for me is a release, which, more than providing me with a living, allows me to talk about taboo topics like death and suffering, which I try to make beautiful thanks to patterns and colours.

How do you plan to make merchandise from your work?

My works takes me a lot of time to create, so they're quite expensive. I also try to offer access to my works at lower prices thanks to merchandise like stickers and badges.

Can we expect to see more products soon?

Yes, I have plans to make more merchandise.

What do you like most about Camaloon?

Their professionalism and the quality of their products.