The awesome alter ego of Marta Casares


I'm Marta Casares and I have a lively, brave, sharp and awesome alter ego that allows me, to make a living off of what I love doing the most: "Martutxa".

What is your connection with tattoos?

I really like the idea of marking your skin with a part of who you are, or one moment of your past. I love tattoo artists work and I'm lucky enough to have some friends whose work is to tattoo.

I see people with my drawings on their skin and I'm happy to be a part of their lives. Although I haven't found any one yet, that defines me enough to be marked on me forever. I have it in my mind though, and that's why I my drawings are so full of intention, to give them personality.

Where does your passion for art come from?

My father was an illustrator before going to college and my mother always adds her creative style to everything she makes; since I was little I've been allowed to paint on the walls, they weren't so many rules when it came to express myself in whatever possible way. I've been raised among thousands of illustration-, design- and architecture books, so my visual culture began very early.

Ask yourself a question, then answer it.

When are you going to see the sea? February sounds good...

Is there any other Camaloon artist that you like?

I closely follow Terry Fan's work, as well as Jotaká and Mercedes DeBellard. I'm thrilled to share the same space with them.

How would you describe your style?

Brave, wild and blue.

Tell us about your creations at Camaloon.

I think it's awesome that my characters are able to keep company and somehow be defined on articles that are making them live with people. I try to match my design with some part of the personality of whoever is wearing them. Is really funny to see them transform themselves.

The project that makes you prouder.

I try to be proud of whatever I do. I'm currently designing, I hope everyone will like it.

Tell us a funny story about you or your work.

Sometimes I spend so much time in my own world that I dream of work and when I wake up I have new ideas that I would have never had if I were awake.

What is Camaloon for you?

A wonderful platform that allows me to focus on drawing and creating.

Last comment?

Thanks to all people that supports me and encourages me to keep going, allowing my illustrations to be a part of their lives. Without them, this would definitely be way more complicated.

/ anna