Embracing the German market

Two lines to introduce yourself or three adjectives:

Hola! I'm Jannis from Münster (Germany),… I mean, Jannis from Barcelona J I wanted to write a new chapter in my book of life. Here I am! I love music, arts, poetry,... any kind of social expression and creativity. So I fell in love with this city – and found a great surrounding.

What do you do at Camaloon?

Officially I'm developing the German Business market (D-A-CH) for Camaloon and acquire potential business clients to become Camaloon addicts 8)

Unofficially I start living my dreams.

What did you like the most of Camaloon?

Hard to tell. Can I make a list? :D First of all the unique Camaloon spirit. Many individuals, but one vibe. I’m one of those autodidacts and Camaloon totally supports that kind of working. Great! - And of course I enjoy being right in the middle of a meltdown of creativity and innovation. I worked for a StartUp before, but now it's my first time on another planet. Spherical!

Your first day in Camaloon, what happened?

My first day at Camaloon I went to the office, stepped inside and asked to whom I have to speak with to become a Camalooner. 5 minutes later I had something like an unofficial job interview, 1 day later my official one, 1 week later another one with our Sales Manager,… 1 month later I was already in Barcelona and couldn’t wait to get started. Here we go!

Which are your impressions about the German Market?

My experience in the German B2B market: it's not enough to be good or even the best. Be unique. So Camaloon has a great future in Germany, but the Germans don't know it yet. They will (or they have to)! ;)

Tell us a story about you. We are very nosy! ;)

I believe in imagination. When I was a teenager (*looong ago*) I thought about how cool it would be not only to be connected, but also be aware of it. I couldn’t imagine that some others misunderstood my telepathic wave and launched some technical innovation. Now I’m getting smarter every time my phone syncs. Before I didn’t even know that “my head is in the clouds” has another meaning than I expected some years before. Btw: I don’t believe in WiFi, but I keep on searching for a good connection.

/ federico