Somewhere in Medellin

Introduce yourself in two lines

Hi i'm Danny Villarreal i'm 24 years old i'm a graphic designer and (plot twist) system engineer from Medellín - Colombia.

Tell us something about the beginning of your career.

Well the thing that impress me the most when i look back is that i got into graphic design by chance, when I was about to finish high school i had no idea what to do next, but my older brother was the first person that advised me to take this career, also the first person to called me "creative" because he was impressed by the doodles that i was making in Paint, things that i only did for fun. he always supported me from the beginning. I think i owe my career to my brother. (tears)

Where does your passion for art come from?

I just love to be able to create something from scratch or new ideas that people can relate to, also the limitless options of digital tools bring a lot to flexibility to the ideas that you try to communicate. that really excited me.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration in social media, i try to stay connected and look for trend topics or styles, news or simply an idea to develop and then i start to focus in what kind of design i want to make and how i want to communicate that idea.
Also i have to be thankful for a couple of friends (they know who they are, pogo) that always can count to discuss, new approach of a design that i want to do.

Is there any other Camaloon artist that you like?

Besides me? (just kidding, that was silly) as a matter of fact i have tons of designers that i admire here in Camaloon, it was one of the mainly reasons i join this platform because i want to be able to compete ( in a positive way obviously) with the designers that i follow and get inspired by, and that my art gets notice.
ok. ok if you insist i give you some names:
Nicebleed, Balázs Solti, Amit Shimoni, Leah Flores, Lyona, Paula García... and i can continue on and on, hi amazing designers!

Tell us about your creations on Camaloon.

Well, I recently started my store here, but i have some designs that i plan to upload, i looking for the highest rate designs of my portfolio the ones that people like the most, so i have a lot of surprises coming soon.

The project that makes your prouder.

It has to be the first corporate animation that i made for a really big presentation 2 years ago, i still got chills for the applause of the end, it's crazy to see people actually liking my work and that i could transmit the idea the right way, i think everything is worth it for the final result and the feedback (whether is positive or negative) from the artists, friends, clients, family is priceless and motivate you to keep going

What is Camaloon for you?

The place where i can showcase my work while meeting and be part of a community of designers and artist.

Obey alone case for iPhone 6

Tell us a funny story about you or your work.

There is nothing funny about my work, how dare you interviewer?!! Just kidding, everything in my work comes from a funny story or a paradoxical idea, i believe that if you take life too seriously you gonna lose, nothing comes out from a depressing mind of a rude behavior just for something that just happens to you. at least in my case i try bring happy and positive ideas to make me happy. and it works!
So there you go, a long explanation on why my logo is always smiling.

One last comment?

i would like to share my Twitter https://twitter.com/isdaniac if you want to know more about me and my work.
Well thanks a lot for having me, this is my first online interview so…. How was it?

/ federico