Carolina Puertos joins our customer support team!

Tell us about yourself in a couple of lines.

Hello! My name's Carolina, I'm 23 years old and originally from Valencia. Last October I moved to Barcelona after spending a year and a half in freezing Slovakia!

What do you do at Camaloon?

I offer customer support to UK clients, as well as occasionally for French and Spanish markets.

First impression of the company?

From the off I really liked Camaloon's young and dynamic spirit. The employees received me warmly and gave me a lot of support settling in. I felt part of the team from day one.

What do you like most about Camaloon?

I like working with people from different places. I think diversity brings a lot of value to a team.

Tell us a story about yourself. We like being nosy ;)

In P.E. classes, I once hid behind a tree for an hour to get out of cross-country running. Sport is definitely not my thing! By the way, the teacher never noticed that there was a running missing!

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