How to start 'team building' with merchandising

Lodgify is an innovative solution that simplifies holiday rental marketing: it allows property owners and administrators to create their own website and manage bookings and schedules.

It's a project that is constantly growing, thanks to the brand's activities and communications managed by Lodgify's marketing team. Jess, Content Marketer at Lodgify, tells us how they decided to create merchandise for their business with Camaloon:

What does Lodgify hope to achieve with the use of personalised merchandising?

We opt for personalised promotional items in order to reach two specific targets. The first one is that we can use it as a way of introducing ourselves to new employees so that they feel welcome. The second is to make our brand get noticed more at events in our sector, such as congresses, conferences, fairs, etc. Our sector is growing rapidly, and we can use these promotional items in order to make our brand stand out and make it more memorable.

What does Lodgify hope to achieve with the use of personalised merchandising?

We've chosen personalised pens and notebooks for Lodgify, not just because they're handy and will be used by all departments in the company (and potential clients), but also because they'll ensure that our brand gets noticed. These two stationery items have a long service life and are items that people will always carry around in their pocket or bag.

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How important is it these days to 'pamper' employees with gifts and treats?

For us it's very important to create and maintain the team spirit. As well as using personalised promotional material, we also carry out 'team building’ activities every year. In previous years we've gone to play paintball or fun outdoor games such as racing or laser tag. We have five departments at Lodgify, and both notebooks and pens, as well as activities outside of the office, bring us together and remind us that we're all working towards the same goals.

Do you have any feedback for our team now that we've delivered the notebooks and pens?

The whole team is delighted with those two items! In particular, the designer who created the notebook is very happy with the printing quality and the matte finish.

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