How to promote an app at events: Zaroo’s example

From the beginning, Camaloon has been interested in new projects, especially in those related to technology. Today, we want to talk to you about one that has caught our eye lately, a project that has been getting great results and feedback. Besides, they just chose our personalised items to make themselves known. Let us introduce you to the Zaroo project..

How did Zaroo come to be and what does it do?

The idea was born at night, at supper. We wondered if we could combine the pleasures of cooking with the attention to food allergies and intolerances. Zaroo (which is the Japanese word for ‘sieve’) was conceived to satisfy this demand: through multiple special filters, it promotes Italian culinary excellence with cooking items that meet the established food criteria. It offers the best products for those living with food intolerances and allergies.

How important is merchandising for a company like Zaroo?

Our business runs on the web, but having direct contact with our customers is extremely important to us. In this virtual era, it is crucial to provide concrete proof of our presence, and what is better than offering useful products to our clients?

Which products have you created? How was the response?

Because of their experience, we entrusted Camaloon to create our first promotional items: shopper bags, magnets, and sport and leisure bags. And we still have plenty of ideas to realise! Thanks to the patience of the Camaloon team, who has accompanied and advised us, we can offer high quality, personalised items to our clients. The Gluten & Lactose EXPO Fair in Rimini gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. The real success was the huge audience we had!

What do you want to achieve with those personalised items?

We want to become a well-known and fondly-remembered company by combining everyday products with a new and fresh design. A personalised gadget is like a hug from our company: we offer them to those who support us and eagerly follow what we do.

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