How to customize buttons for your business and events

Customized buttons are perfect for any occasion, for example, fairs and branding events in which personalized buttons contribute to establishing a corporate image.

In this sense, branded buttons are the most original detail to promote your celebrations and the most effective solution to boost your company and your brand.

With these personalized items you will find the best option to conquer all your clients in large fairs, events, or congresses. In addition, custom buttons are a form of expression that shows your tastes.

The characteristics of our custom buttons

Our custom buttons stand out for their characteristics and their quality – price ratio.

The sizes allow you to display any detail you want to highlight. Thus, the shapes you can choose from range from the most traditional such as round, square, triangular, horizontal and vertical to the most innovative such as oval, V-shaped, pentagonal and hexagonal.

Take it up a notch and choose the perfect finish for your customized button. Choose between glossy or matte finish, to give a touch of resistance and elegance.

Special finishes allow you to have a metallic background (the metal of the product is the background of your design), the golden background (it looks great in a black design over white) and the luminescent background (works best with high contrast colors).

For this reason, a creative finish must be taken into account when customizing your buttons. Once you have chosen the size, finish and quantity, at the time of designing you should take into account the print area marked in gray so that the result is correct.

How to customize your buttons with Camaloon?

In a few simple steps you can insert your favorite designs, logos or images on your buttons and deliver them at any event or place. First of all, you should know what design you want to customize your buttons with. Once you have the design, choose from the wide variety of models, shapes and sizes available for our buttons. You will be automatically redirected to our online design tool. It should be noted that the printing area is limited by a dashed gray line. This indicates the margin in which the design must be entered to appear correctly. Our online design tool allows you to easily adapt all designs to the shape of the button.

An easy and simple way to personalize your buttons and achieve the desired result for each of your articles.

The added value of our custom buttons

Customized buttons can allow your brand or business to be actively promoted when your customers or workers carry them on. In this sense, custom buttons allow the imagination and design of your brand to have total freedom to be embodied in a everyday object.

Being manufacturers of customized buttons, we aim for excellent quality of the product and the service provided.

In fact, you can receive your buttons in as fast as 48 hours, ordering a minimum quantity of 5 units.

Customized buttons are a powerful marketing element since, in most cases, customers prefer to receive a product they will be able to keep rather than a brochure they will soon throw away.

Customize your buttons now!

As manufacturers, at Camaloon we have full control of the whole process from order to shipping, to assure the greatest quality of the product and efficiency of the service.
We offer fast delivery in 48 hours and large bulk-order discounts.
On our website you can easily upload your designs and logos, or get creative with our designing tool.
Before checking out, you can preview the stickers with your prints to ensure it looks exactly as you imagined.
We will also validate your design once we receive the order to ensure it is in the correct formats and quality for printing.

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