How to create the perfect Welcome Pack - The complete guide

What is a welcome pack?

A welcome pack is a self-defining concept. It is a pack of different items and useful stuff that are given to someone as a welcome greeting. It is commonly assembled from appropriate items depending on the circumstances and prepared in order to facilitate the necessary information for a newcomer.

Historically welcome packs have been associated with the work environment. Simple work desk tools to complete the office duties, such as a notebook, pen, pencil and calendar, were given away on the first day. As years passed and the concept of corporate culture and corporate responsibility evolved, welcome packs reinforced their original purpose and turned into one of the marketing tools for the companies.

The welcome pack got transformed into a sort of statement of what the company believes in and how it treats the employees. Depending on the company, welcome packs include intangible social benefits and items that respect social responsibility, that is why there are more and more job offers that include welcome packs as an extra reason for a high-skilled candidate to apply for the open position.

Building the external image of the company starts with building this image in the eyes of the employees, they are your advocates and speakers to the world.

Where can welcome packs be used

As said above, the welcome pack started its journey as a simple greeting set of items necessary for the newcomers to work for a company. Yet nowadays welcome packs are so much more than that. They are used for so many more occasions and purposes than just for new employees.

Welcome packs turned into corporate promotion tools. The items put into a nicely arranged pack can be used as well for existing employees and an annual reminder of corporate culture and the importance to treat everyone as a team who has a common goal.

Besides, welcome pack has actually jumped completely out from its original area of the appliance to new markets and complying with new purposes. One of the brightest examples are hotel welcome packs and church welcome packs. We will gladly share with you some brand new, fresh ideas for these packs, just keep on reading!

Welcome pack ideas

Here comes a great piece of news, when you create a welcome pack you are not restricted by any means and the only limit is your imagination. Yet there are some ground rules that would help you get the most out of it. The welcome pack should be informative and useful, this is its main goal. If not respecting that, people who are receiving the welcome pack will feel frustrated and lost. The welcome pack should be attractive as well, visual presentation plays a crucial role nowadays and is as important as the content of the welcome pack.

When forming the welcome pack one should start with identifying what does it serve for and what added value it can bring to the brand of the company. Look at the values and mission of the company and try to pick up the ideas, products and materials that go in hand with these values. Sustainability? Quality? Usability? You can find products that will transmit these values and help your company to be associated with them.

Keep in mind the corporate colours and personalisation of the products that you put in the welcome pack. It all should accompany each other and complete the final image and sense of unity. Do you want to include the employee manual? As an airbnb host you want to print a list of things that could be done or places that could be visited in the area? Do it! But in the colours of your brand, make an associative connection with your company.

Do not restrain your creativity and originality while choosing the ideas for the products, if you have an opportunity do the survey among those who should be the recipients of these welcome packs in the suture again. The current employees or guests of the hotel who are checking out. Follow modern trends of the perks and devices, see how they can diversify the application of the welcome pack items.

Let's focus on just some of the products that can be used for different types of the welcome pack.

Business welcome package for new employees

The concept that comes first to your mind when you say “welcome pack” would be a small pile of utilities that a company gives to the newcomers on their first day.

Normally, these are items that are meant for two purposes:

1. to offer basic items that we cannot do without in daily work life

2. to create a feeling of involvement in the team and common goal

As a bonus to state firmly: "we are great and we are happy to have you with us!"

Notebooks in the welcome pack

There is no way that your welcome pack does not include a notebook or notepad or notebook with a pen. Your company may be the most innovative, cutting-edge tech enterprise with a strong paperless policy, but there will still be moments when your employees need to put down some notes and it is applied even stronger for the newcomers.

Choose the format and type of notebook that suits your style best. Pick up the colour that would match your brand. Print your logo on it. Add a personalised pen. And voilà!


Name pins or stickers for employees

You will be surprised how useful name stickers and pins may turn up to be in the work environment.

For large companies when not everyone knows each other during large meetings, conferences or retreats, name pins will surely assist the communication and make it easier to manage the event.

For the businesses that are offering consulting, recruiting, real estate services or any other type of services that require frequent communication with a bunch of new people stickers that can be written on and attached to the clothes without damaging it is an ideal solution for a conformable communication between the employees and clients.

Name stickers are a perfect tool to follow new health and safety restrictions. Attach the name stickers to personal items such as mugs and bottles to assure that they will not interexchange by accident.

Include several name pins and name stickers in the welcome pack for employees. If you want to introduce a little bit of extra joyfulness and creativity to the seriousness of a workflow, create a cartoon-style picture of the employees to use them instead of corporate badges.

Name tags and badges

Mugs for "coffees" in the office

Another common idea and a very successful item for a welcome pack would be a tea or coffee mug. The personal mug is a basic necessity in the office and our experience shows it is one of the most requested for newcomers and employees. Coffee time is a time for socialising, a time for brainstorming. Many work-related decisions are taken while sipping a coffee (or tea) in the office kitchen.

It is possible to make a full personalisation of the mugs having not only the company logo printed on it but also the name of the employee. Use the mug as a canvas for positivity and energising the employees for better results.

Coffee or tea mugs

Individual bottles for keeping oneself well hydrated

In the last couple of years, society has become more cautious with a lifestyle and one of the sides of this change is daily water consumption and plastic-free mentality. That is why there is a “boom” on individual water bottles for the employees.

One can also look at it as a way to promote a company's brand with indirect advertising, given that a bottle can be used for outside activities. Take an idea of a sports bottle for a welcome pack for the employees. Encourage them to do some stop including social benefits such as discounts for a nearby gym.

Individual bottles

Webcam protectors

If your company is working with confidential information or developing brand-new ideas and technological breakthroughs, then data protection is the number one priority for you. If your company is among those who stepped out and introduced a remote working on a daily basis. If your employees should be constantly on a video conference with clients. Then webcam protectors should be a part of your welcome pack for the employees.

It is a small and practical device that will surely help your company look more professional when it comes to external and internal communication.

Webcam protectors

Ring holders for the phones

Welcome packs for the newcomers should not consist purely of the items that will be used just in the office. These packs are in a way a greeting present that should possess some extra value and touch of individuality. Include something trendy that is meant for a fully personal use of the employee. As an example, it can be a ring holder for the phone.

If your company provides a work phone for the employees, ring holders can be a great means for identifying the ownership. Get a personalised print on this item, put it in the welcome pack and make a small survey in a couple of months to see if that was useful for future references.

Phone holders

Lanyards for keys and IDs

Speaking from the point of practicality, get some lanyards with the logo of the company for your employees to have a convenient way to keep work-related items of identification and moving around, such as keys, ID cards or anything else, in one place.

Lanyards for welcome pack

Hotel / airbnb welcome pack

We have already answered the questions of what is a welcome pack and why would someone need it. It is a greeting act that offers useful information and items to boost a positive attitude and impact for the person who is receiving this welcome pack.

Today people demand special attention to little things, they expect excellent quality of service in each and every field of life. And this pressure of being top excellent in your service is especially seen in the tourism sector. A hotel will literally not survive without good reviews online. How do you get those outstanding reviews? By being outstanding in the service you provide and making an extra mile of being attentive to little things. This is why more and more hotels are introducing the concept of a welcome pack for their guests.

Some hotels are offering extra information on how to enjoy the place and city to the most, providing ideas and products that may happen to be forgotten by the guests yet useful on daily basis. Hotels and airbnb members are thinking ahead of the curve and offer a welcome pack for guests that stay more than a certain amount of nights.

Tourism is thriving on high-standard service, attentive personnel and a creative approach to treating the guests.

Below you will find a handful list of ideas that could be used for the hotel welcome pack:

Bags: tote bags, summer beach bags

Trendy tote bags may be a catchy item for hotel guests. They will remember your hotel, advise it to the friends, leave a great review online, use the tote bag long after returning from vacation. Your guests will for sure make a bunch of photos full of laughs in order to share them with the world, and some of those pictures may include your tote bag.

Depending on where the hotel is located the tote bag may differ from a simple one for a stroll, a sportive one for hikes in the mountain and summer beach bags if it is a seaside resort. Have a funny print with the logo of the hotel and QR code and let it work in favour of your brand.

Tote bags and summer beach bags

Fans for hot top season…

It is a season full of sun and high humidity? Think about your guests and their overall memory of the time they have spent at the hotel. Of course, you offer them the AC but how do they feel when being outside the comforting premises of the hotel? Include a hand fan to the welcome pack for the guests if the weather forecast promises high temperatures.

Choose the colour of the hand fan that corresponds to your corporate colours and add the logo of the hotel. Attention to little details makes the difference!

Hand fans

Beach blanket - a welcome gift at the hotel

Light and large beach blanket with colourful patterns and the name of the hotel will get a big thank you review at the social media and travel blogs. Once again there is a high probability that a grateful hotel guest will make several pictures and post them online. And that is how your indirect promotion will increase the interest and demand for your service.

Events and entertainment journals

Magazines that contain information about the events that take place in the city during the current month will be a free and effective way to provide an extra service of cultural life for the guests that booked a room in your hotel. That gesture will be recognised and appreciated by everyone.

Toilet bags for accessories with the hotel logo

All the guests at the hotels are making a great deal out of que quality of shampoo and shower gel sets… Add those items to your welcome pack for the guests. They will gladly take it with them, value your thoughtfulness high and rank your service better in the social media. Not to mention they would keep in mind your hotel or airbnb accommodation for future trips or advising to friends.

To develop this idea to perfection include a transparent plastic toilet bag to this set. It is practical for usage and obligatory to have if you are travelling by plane.

Toilet bags

Ear plugs and sleep masks

Each person has different preferences and needs when it comes to sleeping. If your hotel has decided to make a smart decision of offering a welcome pack to the guest, consider including ear plugs and/or sleep masks in it. It will give a sense of 100% care of the needs. Do not forget to leave a small message “Not that we are noisy but we are aware of personal standards of silence and darkness for the night!”

Multiple connector phone charges

For those guests who skipped to remember about the phone charger willing to disconnect completely yet need their phones to take pictures. Personalised magnetics 3-in-1 chargers cables can be a complimentary element to the welcome pack.

Phone chargers

Wine in a branded wine bag

Is your airbnb accommodation located in the area that is famous for its wine or has a historical reference to this beverage of joy? Or maybe your hotel just believes in the power of a nice gesture? Then a bottle of wine in a wine bag with a print of your hotel name can be a great idea.

There are very few people who do not like wine. And even fewer people who do not appreciate a nice thank you for choosing our hotel gift.

Sweets in branded pouch

Similar idea to the previous paragraph is a nice small pouch with sweets that can be even a better choice for a sweet tooth. Choose the candies or chocolates that are traditional in the area. Give a hint to your guests about gastronomical references and things to try when they are visiting the city or town.

Organic cotton pouches

Personalised Straws

Imagine you are going on vacation, you check in in a nice hotel with a super friendly crew and you get a welcome refreshing smoothie or cocktail. And to sip your drink you get a welcome gift of a pair of individual reusable straws that you can take home and enjoy for a long while after that.

These are splendid memories that will motivate you to come back to that hotel and make a set of similar personalised straws to enjoy the time and tasty drink with family and friends.

To finalise a welcome pack, add a recipe of the cocktail/smoothie that is offered to the guests upon arrival.

Branded sustainable straws

Pocket-sized notebooks

To close the topic of the trendy ideas of welcome packs for hotels and airbnb accommodation we will mention small pocket-sized notebooks with a fun picture or sightseeing image of the place where the hotel is located. It is a simple yet useful and memorable item that would definitely stay for some time with the guest. Do not forget to add the name of the hotel, QR code and contact details for future references for the guests and their friends.

Pocket-sized notepads

Church welcome pack

The third sector that we wanted to point out in this article and where welcome packs can be naturally expected is the associations, social clubs and entities united by interests and beliefs. Among those churches are stepping out and showing a perfect approach to welcome people, support and guide them.

The meaning of the welcome pack for this case is quite the opposite to the previous two examples. Church welcome pack aims primarily to greet a person in the group of people who think and feel alike, and to offer him or her some practical ideas of what religion teaches us.

Small notepads with pen

For listening to your inner voice and putting down the thoughts about why we are here. In order to find harmony within ourselves and the world around us, we need to learn first of all who we are and what we love. It is not as simple as it might sound, and it is proven that putting thoughts on paper helps a person to grasp a better understanding of his or her own thoughts and see clearer what is sought. For this reason, it is quite a common thing to add notebooks in the church welcome pack, it can help to find love to the world through love to oneself.

Notepads with pen

Pouch with breads for birds in parks

To reconnect with nature. Why? Because nature oftenly brings peace of mind and a sense of unity. Offering something that would allow a person to stop for a moment and consciously look around, to care for nature and animals is a practical approach of what religion tells us. It can be offered for individual usage or on the contrary as a part of a common activity in the church community.

Pouch for bread crumbs

Table tissues

One of the main principles of religion is a unity of family. Include something that is encouraging people to spend time with the members of their family. As an example a set of 6 fabric tissues for the table - a reference to connection with loved ones during meals.

Magnets for church welcome pack

Beliefs, love and religion are coming from the inside of the person, from the soul yet it is always good to have some small items that will visually relate to this inner force. Some simple element of decoration that will light up one's daily routine by reminding him or her that love is a fabric of the world. Offer a photo fridge magnet with an image of the church. Include the contact details to make it also informative.

Fridge magnets

Communities in neighbourhood and public activities

Apart from being a place for spiritual connection to God, church is a place of social connection. It plays a vital role in social integration and better involvement in society. Add informative flyers about the neighbourhood community and clubs with different activities.

Eco-friendly welcome pack

When talking about the welcome packs we have structured our guidance article by classifying the welcome pack by the sector where they can be used: welcome pack for newcomers in the office, welcome packs in the hotel industry and welcome pack for the associations and churches. However, we have missed so far a very important and trendy characteristics of the products and items that normally form the welcome packs. Products that were produced in accordance with the eco-sustainable guidances: ecological materials and products that advocate for social responsibility.

Below we will name a couple of such products that could be included in any of the above-mentioned segments.

Eco material mugs for takeaways

Sustainability is based on reusable products and plastic-free materials. Apply this approach to the coffee and tea mugs that you are offering in the welcome pack. It can be a simple cup for using in the office or a travel mug for coffee to take away. Do not forget to personalise these items so that the people around would know what your company stands for.

Eco-mugs for welcome pack

Seasonal food and bioproduct

Information about the high-quality food with great taste and clear production and logistic chain information is utterly valued and appreciated these days. Print a list of fruits and vegetables that are seasonal for the place you are located, or a list of shops around the place that are working with transparent supply chain policy.

Pouch of seeds

Advocate for a good quality of life and fresh “home-made” food. Seed an idea of having a small herbal garden at home by adding a small pouch of seeds of basil, mint or parsley. As an extra idea add a brochure of the recipes that are easy to cook and will taste much better with fresh herbs.

Notebooks from sustainable cover and recycled pages

We have mentioned notebooks at each and every sector for welcome packs, basically because it is a universal item that is always useful for professional and personal purposes. Make an extra step towards sustainability and choose the notebook that is made of recycled materials, both paper and cover.

Eco-friendly notebooks

Bio-cotton T-shirts

If you take the topic of the welcome pack seriously and you are seeking a major impact of the products that you introduce in the welcome pack include the bio-cotton T-shirt in it. There are a lot of benefits that you will get out of it: send a message that your company is stable and ready for quick growth, that your company is thinking about people and nature; receive a larger recognition of the brand not just among a close group of people who were granted this T-shirt.

Bio-cotton T-shirts

Paper roll stickers

For a final touch of environmental conscience close the welcome pack with paper roll stickers. Print the logo on it and stick it to the craft bag. That will give a stylish look to the whole image!

Paper roll stickers


Camaloon is specialising in the production and personalisation of the promotional and corporate items. With more than a decade of the experience in the sector and analysing the needs and demands of the clients around the world we can state with certainty:

1. Welcome packs are applicable for various occasions and sectors

2. Welcome packs offer multiple benefits for those companies that are using them for internal and external promotion

3. Welcome packs can be creative, cheap and efficient

We have offered just a few ideas that can be used for this purpose but we encourage you to think out of the box and look for inspiration and ideas around your. Go through our wide catalogue to find the items that will be best for your particular case.

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