How can you choose custom pens for all your needs?

Custom pens are the ideal promotional products to use for showing off your company logo and designs. You can choose between well-know branded pens from Parker and BiC® to give your customized pens an added value. At Camaloon we also have pens made from many different materials, such as metal, aluminium, wood and recycled materials.

The same way you can choose from many materials, we have pens for any budget and occasion. Our range includes everything from budget-friendly plastic pens to branded pens with details of 24K gold. All of which can be customized with laser engraving, screen printing or digital printing. Pens have changed the way of writing across the globe and have become one of the most used writing instruments.

Elegance and class with Parker Pens

Parker Pen Company is an American business that manufactures luxury pens since 1888. Around the 1960s they became one of the worlds leading companies in their sector and have since then become associated with pens of high quality. The customized pens from Parker make ideal gifts for executives or important customers and accounts, thanks to their detailed, luxurious and durable prints. The custom Parker pens are always a great way to get all the attention from your most valued clients.

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Practical and effective: stand out at any event with your custom BiC® pens

The BiC® pens are famous for their possibility of writing the equivalent length of one kilometer. This french company was founded in 1945 are known for their production of plastic pens, among many other useful products, at a low cost. BiC pens are highlighted for their great quality-to-price ratio and are ideal for events, fairs or other occasions where you need a large amount of promotional products to spread your brand with.

BIC® Super Clip pens

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The best printing techniques for your custom pens

The custom print on all your pens is made possible by the best printing techniques, such as laser engraving, screen printing or full-color digital printing. The laser engraving is made with a laser that engraves the surface of the pens with your design, which creates a detailed and durable print. This technique is available for Parker pens and pens made from metal or wood. Screen printing, on the other hand, is one of the most inexpensive techniques where the pens are customized with a print in one color. Lastly, digital printing is a method in which the logo or marketing messages are printed in various colors directly on to the pens. With this printing method you can customize your BiC pen in full color.

The best custom pens are those that adapt to all your needs. At Camaloon we have a large variety of branded custom pens and our experts help you choose the perfect one for you to customize.

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