Head of PPC at Camaloon

At Camaloon we are looking for a new team member who will be responsible for leading all ppc activity. We are a young startup based in Barcelona: we have created a platform where you can customize your own products (pins, magnets, stickers, skins and now wall decals) or buy products designed by artists from all around the world. Basically we bring together artists who want to sell their works and consumers who love art.

We are looking for a Head of PPC to enrich our Marketing team. It is a fantastic opportunity for professionals with great analytical skills, who are proactive and ambitious and want to take a step forward in their career growth.

At Camaloon you will

- work in a dynamic and fast-growing environment, constantly challenging you to adapt and improve

- find a horizontal and flexible structure in which to develop your talents

- be part of itnig’s ecosystem and share your knowledge with other startups

- a flexible work schedule that adapts to your needs.

You are the right person to enrich our team, if you are not scared to take on growing ppc campaigns in seven markets, if you desire to take on the challenge of opening new markets fast and if you love testing, experimenting and using ppc as a fast way of seeing the possibility in new markets.

You should:

- Have a proven track record in paid search campaigns of 20.000 € / month (mainly with Google, but Bing, Yandex, Yahoo...are a great plus),

- master the basic google toolkit: Adwords, Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Insights, Content experiments

- be able to identify opportunities, to set priorities and to analyse a large set of data.

If other than English you speak Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese or Japanese, have gained experience in SMO or have lead affiliation marketing campaigns, we won’t say no.

Your days will be spend

- Developing our long-term PPC strategy and roadmap in order to increase revenue, traffic to site and conversions,

- Managing our multiple campaigns meaning planning the ads, implementing them, managing the budget, reviewing their performance and optimising them continuously,

- Working closely together with our Head of SEO, our international marketing team for market knowledge and localisation and our creative team for display campaigns,

- Researching keywords (discovery and expansion of the campaigns), testing ads through A/B tests with copies, landing pages, bid strategies, negative keywords..., reviewing and editing ad copies, analysing web site performance metrics and optimising the campaigns and

- Staying up-to-date on all changes and trends in online marketing going to conferences, interchanging with professionals and so forth

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We’re looking forward to meet you!

/ federico