Halloween Buttons: Vampire & Jason

So many dresses for Halloween! Today Camaloon thought of a Vampire and a really creepy Jason dress-up.

These buttons will freak you out. You really have to be careful with them and probably should keep them away from kids :)

Vampire Halloween Button from Camaloon

This Camaloon button glows in the dark and is perfect for your Halloween party....

And this one is too:

Jason Halloween Buttons from Camaloon

Another really scary button.

We are having a lot of fun dressing up for Halloween and we hope you do too. We have decorated our houses and apartments with spider's webs and a lot of dust. It feels like walking into a really old house and once our guests have arrived it will feel like a haunted house! You have to be pretty bold to set foot in it.

To complement our Halloween-outfits we have created buttons! Special Glow in the Dark buttons with a different Camaloon everyday. You can buy these buttons directly from our gallery or create your own. Be sure to use the luminescent effect!