Galactic guide to customising your products

Design your own products directly from our website using the on-line design tool. Turn all your ideas into badges, magnets, stickers, T-shirts, mobile covers or any of our products. You’ll see how easy it is.

Choose a product, the size, the amount and add your designs!

Customise in 3 steps: 1. Upload your favourite photos, logo, designs or illustrations (.jpeg or .png). 2. Choose a background colour from our palette. 3. Add messages, fun slogans or icons with original shapes.

Check out how good they look using the preview. In a few minutes you’ll have a unique product, created by you. Are you ready to start to design? Here you’ll find some tips to help you:

How many products do you want? Choose a customised amount! Choose the option “another amount” and add the number of products you want, no more no less.

Create as many different models as you like! A single product with different designs, all you have to do is add the design, take a preview and save it. Later, add more designs for the same product, as many as you like and at the same price.

How to duplicate a design? Very simple, you just have to click on the “duplicate design” icon that appears at the top of your design, then you can edit it and customise it. You’ll enjoy it twice as much!

How to upload an image on the same product? To upload more than one image for the same product you only have to click on “upload image” and add it to your product. Repeat this operation for each new image you want to add.

Can I change the delivery date of my order? To change the delivery date of your purchase simply go to your shopping basket and edit the details of type of delivery.

Turn all your ideas into unique products. The power is in your hands, we only make it very easy for you to enjoy creating.
/ federico