Growing and proving yourself between Materials and Customers

Take the
most useful and needed products to promote a company, and let the world
customize them, and the business is done. There are those who understood before
others that they have an unparalleled richness in their hands, a fortune called
personalization, which gives rise to Camaloon.

Camaloon is
a mix of colours, diversity and ideas, but above all, stories. The sharing of
traditions, cultures and values behind every single product through an
intelligent and non-invasive promotional campaign that enriches the consumer
with an all-around journey.

This time,
the story that we want to tell is the one of Enrikas Balsys. His position in
the company is between the product and the final customer, and embodies the
CEO’s vision: grow, grow, grow.

Career path

Enrikas started his career in Camaloon as Project Manager, he was responsible
for the launch of new products: looking for new ideas and new providers,
facilitating the process of releasing the products, which included testing the
product itself and the printing, while coordinating with the product and
marketing department. During the 7 months that Enrikas has spent with Camaloon
so far, he has proven to be capable of taking responsibilities: which is why he
earned a promotion within the operations team.

A new challenge:
becoming Materials and CS Manager

The new
role is completely different, as Enrikas runs both the materials area and the
customer support team: one department, but two different things. Enrikas needs
to understand the materials of the products at the company, including the
legacy products and also the promotional and textile items, while managing the
customer support team to give our clients a better experience.

Why join the team?

Support is a very dynamic team. “The good thing,” says Enrikas “is that your
work will never be static, it is dynamic and includes in a multicultural
environment. There is the possibility to improve communication, organizational
and languages skills”.

Materials? “Materials is more strategical for the company” and he continues by
saying, “it is something that can teach you new skills, it is a kind of
hands-on job where you work online and offline so you really need to know how
to bridge the gap between the people involved, providers and final customer,
while dealing with marketing”. In a
nutshell, this position is predominantly thinking and making those thoughts
happen in reality.

Enrikas in pills

player, team leader and hard working. The perfect match for Camaloon.

Work at Camaloon!

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