Good reasons to choose fridge magnets as goodies

LISAA is a French art & design school based in Paris, Nantes, Strasbourg, Rennes, Bordeaux and Toulouse soon. It trains designers and managers in the fields of animation, video games, interior architecture, design, graphic design and fashion.

How did you decide to create magnets for your event?

It’s the first time we create magnets but we think it’s a fun and good way to complete our goodies’ collection. We decided to create this kind of goodies because of the “fridge effect”: if you like the magnet’s design, you will put it on your frigde and everyone can see it!

Can you tell us more about the designs you used?

It was designed by Jose Palomero, our Art Director, who has created the school’s visual identity. This design takes its originality from multiple variations of LISAA’s logo.

How did you use the magnets during the event?

We especially use this magnets as goodies for our different events such as: open and orientation days in our 9 campuses, student fairs, discovery workshops during holidays… so many events all over the year!

How was the feedback with the goodies?

Everybody enjoyed the magnets and they went away like hot cakes!

/ federico
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