The good parts of packaging

Today we'll be telling you through an interview about how Boston Gums has chosen the Camaloon stickers for sealing their packaging. A simple but brilliant idea for adding another touch of style to their little kraft box.

What does Boston Gums do?

Boston Gums is a very young brand, only just 1 year old. Using high quality materials and in a completely artisan way, we manufacture various practical accessories in Barcelona that are used for holding your trousers inside your shoes or boots at the ankles, keeping the trouser tight and without it twisting (it's annoying, right?). Not to mention, it's very useful for helping you to put on high boots. It seems simple, but sometimes there's no need to complicate life so much just to solve a daily nuisance.

How did you hear about Camaloon?

We are a little restless, so BG isn't the first project that we're embarking on. We've been using Camaloon's services for some time. It's convenient, quick and you get the exact results that you want.

What kind of product had you thought of for your brand and why?

Our aim is to make our packaging as clear and precise as the product it contains. Simple, a little kraft box, sealed with our logo and secured with a little esparto cord. In order to distinguish the colour and to add a nice touch as well, we thought it could be cool and effective to use round stickers with the colour of the grippers of each pack. The brand is based on very traditional principles but with a very modern edge.

You tell us the kind of graphic image you want and the colours that you've chosen for the stickers

This season we've brought out two new colours, which add to the two colours that we used for launching. Our aim is to make the two colours complement each other. We have 'Alice', a very light sky blue with a greyish tinge. 'Burgundi', a mix between garnet and purple, which reminds us a lot of an aged red wine. Then we have 'Cúrcuma', a yellow colour for the more daring. And a darkish military green, named 'DeepForest'.

What do you like most about the Camaloon stickers?

We feel that we are quite obsessive (in a good way) about details, and when we were looking for a manufacturer for the stickers we had two essential requirements: that they kept with the colour of the original file and that the deliveries were punctual, which we can say have been fulfilled with Camaloon.

What value do you place on having stickers on the packaging?

As we've mentioned, the stickers represent the colour of the contents, which is something that has been well recognised since the first day of the launch, so for that reason we think it's been successful. Not to mention, they add the touch of colour that such a neutral or even minimalist kind of packaging needs. We try to give as much information as possible but in the most succinct way: symbols on the user manual, an image next to the logo, colours on the box stickers, etc. Sometimes intuition works faster than a heavily loaded label, and there is no need for words.

/ federico