Give your company's wardrobe the upgrade that it needs

As a company, you probably desire to trigger a 'warm feeling' for your customers by means of your products and services. What if you could provide your customers with an extra special experience by literally giving them a warm feeling, now winter is approaching again? This opportunity is at your fingertips with Camaloon’s new collection of winter clothing, for example with the Roly Capucha Hoodies that can conveniently be provided with your company's logo.

Not only a necessity, but also highly fashionable

Sweatshirts and hoodies have undergone a huge development during the past century. Hoodies, for example, were produced and worn for the first time in the United States in the 1930s to keep laborers warm during freezing periods. Shifts in society like the rise of the hip-hop culture and the embracement of hoodies by famous brands such as Ralph Lauren have made them an indispensable part of today's fashion world. And the development has not stopped yet, on the contrary, and this offers opportunities for you.

The multifaceted nature makes it the perfect product

While customised products such as the Sol's Majestic Women or Roly Extreme Men can be worn perfectly as fashionable casual clothing, they offer many more possible applications that will benefit your company, for example:

- Equipping your employees with comfortable and unified work wear
- Sponsoring participants of sporting events
- Promoting your company in a responsible manner

Creating a robust team spirit can contribute to the success of your company. As Jess, Content Manager at Lodgify, told in Camaloon's blogpost How to start 'team building' with merchandising, the customised products that Lodgify gives to their employees 'bring the team together and remind them that they are all working towards the same goals'.

The trend for participating in sporting events has grown rapidly the last decade, both among athletes that are advanced and just getting started. All those athletes need adequate clothing during and around the sporting events, and the sporty and comfortable character of sweaters and hoodies are perfect for this.

Doing business in a responsible way is a topic that gets more and more attention these days. You and Camaloon would also be great partners if sustainability is a prominent topic within your company. Several of the sweaters and hoodies are made from 100% organic cotton, among which the Stanley Stella Explore Unisex hoodies. In this way you can do good for your company and your customers, but also for the environment!

Your company is unique, and so should be its style

The examples mentioned above are just a small selection of what is possible. Your company has a unique character and you should embrace that. So the question is: what is the perfect way to go for you? Find out by checking the complete collection at our website, so you can give your company's wardrobe the upgrade that it needs.

/ edwin.bolink
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