Gifts for celebrating your achievements with your customers

For Grupo Luckia, international organization in the entertainment industry, establishing a close relationship with their customers is one of the priorities and foundations of their businesses. This is why, as well as offering entertainment services, they've opted for personalisation. They’re particularly concerned with finding a set of treats and gifts to show their customers how much they mean to them.

How did the idea of the magnetic bottle opener come about?

Casino Kursaal in San Sebastián is one of the main Grupo Luckia hubs. For this hub, they've decided to create an exclusive line of merchandising, choosing one of Camaloon’s promotional items: the magnetic bottle opener.

Discover bottle openers

The magnetic bottle opener is a practical item that’s easy to carry around. A unique gift for everyone, which became the first option for Casino Kursaal customers.

How have magnetic bottle openers been personalised?

The designs and artwork ideas for personalising magnetic bottle openers are based on horoscopes. The bottle openers have been personalised using star signs. When it’s a customer’s birthday, for example, the staff would give the customer a bottle opener with their star sign on and a raffle ticket. Two gifts in one which has won customers over.

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