February craziness

/ bettina
Do you think January has been a crazy month? Well, for me at Camaloon it's February. February has me crazy: I lowered the shipping fees drastically to 50 % to  most of "Old Europe". Throughout the month you will have your personalized buttons, fridge magnets and mugs (orders less than o,5 kg) delivered for € 6,50! Camaloon How much is 0,5 kg ? I did a quick calculation so you can see what this means:
  • 277 round pin buttons, Ø 25mm
  • 128 flexible round magnets, Ø 40mm
  • 142 round pin buttons, Ø 32mm
  • 53 flexible rectangular magnets, 85mm x 55mm
  • 18 round mirrors, Ø 76mm
These countries benefit from the new, low shipping costs: Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Finland, Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Greece.     PS: [caption id="attachment_377" align="aligncenter" width="225" caption="Sometimes Europe looks like this to me"]Europe[/caption]        
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