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Father's Day is not among the holidays that have a long history or got its acknowledgment at once. Yet nowadays it is becoming more and more popular in different parts of the world and the UK is not an exception to that trend. And no wonder why! The concept of celebrating Father's Day is based on logic and common sense, which is to say "Thank you Dad for everything that you have given to me. I love you!". And let's be honest, sometimes it is easier to show these feelings through a gift than saying it out loud.

So let's start with some awesome ideas for the gifts. And if you have a couple of minutes more and curiosity to learn about the origins of the holiday, traditions of celebrating it, and why it is important to keep this tradition alive, just scroll down the article and have a look.

Classical Father's Day gifts

We will start with some traditional ideas of the gifts that proved through history that they will always be appreciated and relevant.

1. A book

A book is the best gift at all times and occasions. If your father is a big reader that this idea is not classical and simple but also very relevant since it will not be put on the shelf and forgotten. You can choose from the new works of a favourite author of your father, or a limited edition of the favourite book. It can also be a try-out of a new genre from the ones that your father usually prefers. Has he read the winners of prestige publishing awards, such as Nobel prize in Literature, Pulitzer Prize, Publishing Prize or Commonwealth Writers Prize as an example.

Make an extra touch and sign a book. Put in handwriting the greetings for this occasion on the inner side of a title page or dedication page.

2. Personalised T-shirt

One of the most popular and common gifts for Father's Day is a personalised T-shirt. The good point of this idea is that it can be always repeated and has plentiful options for the designs and room for imagination. It can be used for different purposes: for homeware, for trips or for doing sport. Spor T-shirts will be always reminding about the bond between a parent and a child as well as spending time together doing some sport or funny activity.

Why not offer a set of T-shirts that would depict something that they have in common. Something that would represent both of them or show how alike they are. For example, a set of T-shirts for the father and his son or sons with a funny picture of them fooling around or doing some sport together and a text below the image "Like father like son".

Personalised T-shirt

3. Socks

But not just any socks. Even the most trivial thing can get special when you put thought and imagination into it. In your search, you can focus more on funny socks with a mix of colours or funny knitted images. Or you can look more into the idea of a set of socks suitable for your father and yourself. Make a close family event and put those socks together, this will give happy emotions that you are a family, you are a team and the father is your leader!

Personalised Father's Day gifts

4. Personalised bottle opener coasters

A ser of personalised square bottle opener coasters is a great idea for the father. It is useful, convenient and imaginative, given that you can print any text or image on top of it. A ser of 25 coasters will be very useful both for a small family event and a big party with a handful of guests. Coasters will keep your furniture from wet marks and bottle openers will be handy for a "refill".

Why not add to the personalised coasters a box of beverages for all members of the family that could be opened with a brand new gift. Would it be soft drinks or beers these coasters can be of great utility and often used by your father.

Personalised bottle opener coasters

5. Great quality drink

The idea of a good brand of a favourite drink of your father could have been put in the same list of classical father's gift. A good bottle of wine is like a good book, you will enjoy it till the very end! You can choose the one that your father would appreciate the most and present it in a nice way.

Why did we put it in the sector of personalised gifts? Because what we want to suggest you is to make a unique label and stick it either on top of the original label or next to it. It is as simple as ordering a custom shape sticker. Your personalised label can contain anything you want from a picture of a happy face of your father to the text from his favourite quotation or verse. There are no limits to your imagination.

As a bonus idea, you can wrap the bottle in the printed invitation for the visit to the historical part of the brewery where this drink was originally produced.

6. Personalised mousepad

One of the purposes of the Father's Day gifts is to offer something that will remind him about his kids anywhere he might be. The first thing that comes to mind is the office or work environment where most fathers spend most of their time on workdays. The gift idea can be actually anything that could be useful for work or just as a decoration on the office table. To combine these two things why not offer a personalised mousepad that will definitely be of use and always in sight. You can print anything you want on it, from the photo of the family to some nice words that would be dear to your father, like " Keep calm and remember you are the best Dad!"

Personalised mousepad

Original Father's Day gifts

7. Scarf is a new tie

It might sound strange to offer a scarf when summer is in full bloom. But first of all, it is definitely original and be of a surprise, so it will be remembered. It is a surprise that will make your father smile and it will give good ground for a couple of jokes and laughs will the moment when it will be a season to take it out and actually use the gift. He will remember the occasion when the scarf was offered and be grateful again.

And last but not least, this is a good way to show your attention and that you care for the good health of your father. All in all, a scarf is a great alternative to the classical tie option.

8. Personalised bamboo speaker

If your father is a big fan of music and he loves to listen to it in good quality, a portable speaker is what can put Father's Day gifts on a new level!

There is no need to beat about the bush and talk about the importance for your father to enjoy the time together with good music at home and during the outdoor activities. You might know it already very well. So the question comes down to the quality, usability and personalisation of the item, and that is exactly why we have come up with this idea in the first place. Eco-friendly material of bamboo, high quality of the sound, possibility to take it with you for outdoors event - is a good start for considering it as a great idea for a gift.

Do not forget to put a funny phrase that will make the gift even more special. Let's say "Daddy is a new David Guetta" or "You rock, Dad!"

Personalised bamboo speaker

9. Appointment to a barbershop

One of the trends of recent years is to have a nice well-maintained bear. Is your father following the recent trends? Does he like to take care of his beer and look stylish? The answer is yes? Then think about offering an appointment to a barber who has very good reviews and famous for his treatment of beers in your city. If your father has already been to such barber service that he will appreciate the quality of it. In case it will be his first time then it will be an exciting new experience that might become a tradition for him in the future.

For any parent, and father above all, it is important and cherishing to understand that he is playing a key role in helping his kid to grow into a confident and happy adult. There used to be a wide gender separation that was spreading as well to the concept of who should be a role model for the kid. If it is a daughter she should look up at her mother and follow her lead, if it is a son then obviously a father. But nowadays these social limitations are almost pulled down and fathers have equal impact behavior-wise on their sons and daughters. Having said that, we want to point out that we have no gender-related bias on gifts from daughters and gifts from sons, on the contrary, we do want to show that they all can be original, motivating and caring!

Father's Day gifts from daughter

Is travelling a part of life for your father? Then this idea is just what you were looking for! Small hiking during the weekend or far-away trips to other continents - that does not matter. With your gifts, you can show that you know what your father loves, you want him to enjoy it even more and who knows maybe to be a part of these adventures!?

10. Travel or sports equipment and accessories

Think of the sport or travelling preferences of your father and try to identify the things that could make his activities more enjoyable and easy. There are endless options and all of them will turn up into very personal gifts because they are based on the hobbies of your father. As an example, you can offer warm clothing, such as hoodies or waterproof jackets for outdoor activities. In the case of Camaloon products, would it be hoodies or jackets, they can be all tailored with printing something personal on it. Upload the image you like and add " You broaden my horizons, Daddy!". And you will see that it will be almost the only clothing that he will wear.

11. Personalised travel mug

Another idea that is perfect for the travelling option but not only is a personalised travel mug which you can also use as a mug for a take-away coffee. Trendy, useful and charging with energy and positive thoughts. Print some funny phrases that happened to occur during the father and daughter conversations or a silly but cute saying from when you were a baby. If that is not your style then you can print something deep and meaningful that your father taught you and you highly appreciate it!

My personal choice would be "You are my true role model! Your loving daughter".

Personalised travel mugs

12. Handmade scarf

As mentioned above "scarf is a new tie" and it is as well a great opportunity to have it hand made. A scarf that was made by a is a splendid gift for any father. It is possible to choose his favourite colours or the ones that will suit best the rest of his clothing, good quality of yarn and nice ideas of a pattern. As a final touch sew on a discreet patch "to my Daddy". Eh voila, ideal gift!

Perhaps it will even be a part of a school assignment that will help the daughter to get high grades for creativity and handy skills.

Father's Day gifts from son

13. Personalised sport bottle

Fathers should live looooong. Remind them to take care of their health, eat healthy food, drink more water and stay fit by doing sport. Giving him a sports water bottle would be a good reminder to do more physical exercises. If your father has already his gym membership, a water bottle will help him stay hydrated. Personalising that bottle will make it easier to keep a track of it in public places.

Or you can spend more father-son time together running after the ball or doing any other activities. The water bottle with a special work that is dear to your father will always put a smile on his face.

Personalised sports water bottles

14. A repair tool kit

This can be a great idea not only for those fathers who love fixing things themselves and who know how to hold a hammer but also for beginners. In the case of the latter, a good tool will make the task much simpler and lessen the force and frustration, giving the feeling of fulfillment. For experts in renovations and minor home improvements, good quality tools will be a pleasure to work with, your father will surely enjoy using them in case of need or just as a hobby.

You can go for a full set of tools or, if this is the case, offer some specific tool that your father was dreaming of for a long time. It will show him that you know what he wants and what he likes. It is always pleasant to see that type of attention.

15. Peronalised phone charger

In our chapter on Farther's Day gifts from kids, we have been focusing mainly on the products for doing sport and activities together and we still believe that these would be the perfect gift. Yet the tech devices strongly attract our attention and you can see a huge choice of potential gifts for this occasion. One of the tech tools that we want to point out is phone charge, but not the one you most probably imagining - a square part to plug in the socket and a long wire. No. We refer to the stylish wireless charger made of eco-friendly materials of bamboo and wheat cane. Great device for home and office! It even allows the possibility to personalise it from the top.

NB, double-check if the phone of your father is equipped with wireless charging technology.

Personalised wireless phone charger

Father's Day gift from baby

For any parent, the first few years of their child´s life are the most thrilling, full of new fillings, emotions and experience...

And the would be an amazing idea to offer a present and a sign of attention to a young daddy. the responsibility of finding something nice falls on his partner. And we all know that it can be quite hard to come up with some fresh ideas that would be funny and useful at the same time. Still let´s do our best!

16. Personalised photo-stickers album

The first few years are full of memorable moments of things done for the first time: first step, first word, first glass of beer (joking). And it is super important to grasp them and keep them in the family history. When those babies grow up and rush out from the parents' nest it will give a warm feeling to the parents to remember those moments when the journey was just starting. The best way is to have those moments captured in pictures.

Luckily we have a device that can take a picture at any moment of the day. And it is as clear as a day that modern young parents have thousands of pictures of their baby. Now let´s take some of those photos that are full of memories and make a family activity out of that!

Find a beautiful album, print the photos of the sticker, sit down all together and create your album by sticking the photos in a chronological way showing what amazing first months were and that it was all thanks to Dad!

Photo-stickers for photo album

17. A playlist of favourite songs

Yes, it is a gift to a father on Father's Day, but the playlist will contain favourite songs of a child. Let me explain. This is a playlist of favorite songs of a child that would calm him or her down and even help the kid to fall asleep, which can be an amazing idea for the late evening time. After a hard day of work and a couple of hours playing with a child, a lullaby will be a magical solution to get some rest for the whole family and give a bit of time for mommy and daddy to stay just two of them.

If you have no special device to reproduce the playlist specially created for this occasion check up our idea of a personalised bamboo speaker.

18. Handprints in clay

Once again it is important to keep a memory of the days when your kid was just a baby. In some years it will be difficult to believe how tiny and gentle her or she was in its first year of life. Make handprints of father and son side by side in clay. That is a very cute, authentic and decorative gift that will remain in the family for many many years!

Father's Day gifts for Grandad

Once you sit down and think about what to offer to your Granddad on Father's Day it may seem even harder than a gift to your Dad. Fear no! Most important is the attention and participation in his life. The ideas can turn around the healthy lifestyle, finding the ways to enjoy the free time that Granddads usually have in abundance or pieces of clothing.

19. Personalised cap

What about a cap? It is a great piece of clothes accessory that is very useful for summertime while strolling in the park or gardening to keep the head covered from sun rays.

You can even personalise this gift the way you want it: in different colours or sizes and of course by printing a special text or image on it. As a hint of inspiration, imagine your Granddad in a cap that states "Grandad is Dad²"!

Accompany that gift with some entrance tickets to a sporting event that he will enjoy seeing or bring him to the school sports games where he will be proud to wear that cap and supporting his grandson or granddaughter who does not forget to show how big is his or her love.