Magnets to share

The exhibition 'I like Barcelona' is a participatory exhibition where visitors add their bit by placing their magnets displaying designs of hearts and hashtags

29th January, the exhibition 'I like Barcelona' opened at Sala Ciutat in Barcelona - an interactive initiative aiming to both view and analyse the architecture of Barcelona that opens to the public until March 20th.

It consists of a participatory exhibition where citizens describe, with their photographs, contributions and votes the open boundaries of modern day Barcelona's architecture and urbanism.

This original and creative idea was set forth by the friendly team of 48H Open House BCN, which got in touch with Camaloon to create different magnets printed with diverse designs as we can see in the images.

The idea is that the visitors are given an opportunity to add their bit using magnets with designs carrying hearts and hashtags, which are placed under the photographs on display, complementing the different opinions about the photographs on display, together with their choices and preferences.

/ federico