You've got mail, a lovely one.

Two lines to introduce yourself or three adjectives

-Hello, I'm Marie Rose and I'm from France. I lived in Barcelona for 4 years now and I really love the city so I mean to stay here for a while. I'm gonna be in charge of the CRM at Camaloon.

What did you like the most of Camaloon

-I really liked the warm welcome and the young spirit of the company.

Your first day in Camaloon, what happened?

-When I arrived, Belén (RRHH) showed me my workspace while saying "here is your laptop and on it, you'll find a new brand Iphone" and she told me "here's your mobile". And I was like yeah!!!!! I won't need to change the broken screen of my personnal mobile. But no she was kidding, it was someone else order...

Tell us a story about you. We are very nosy! ;)

When I was younger I used to practice martial art. I was champion of France of kung fu, category fighting from the age of 7 to 15 :)

/ federico