Let’s present: Elefanta

Today we introduce you Elefanta who has a fantastic gallery on Camaloon. Here you can see https://camaloon.co.uk/discover/artists/elefanta/artworks and above you can watch how we interviewed her.

Additionally, we invite you to have a look at her blog.

Elefanta tells us that Camaloon is a “platform that allows [her] to extend her imagination, her reach of action and to reach more people in general. Each product offerts a different challenge because of its different characteristics, thus I like adapting my drawings to different formats/templates”. We think she has overcome the challenge with honor:


Introduce yourself in two lines:

I could present Elefanta as one of my intern worlds, maybe the most colourful, playful and full of life. It’s a legacy of my 10 years illustrator experience on the kids’ literature. The name comes from a line of stickers I’ve created two years ago in Argentina and from now on it comes back thanks to Camaloon.

What are you centres of interests?

I love creating and the art in general(visual art and theatre art especially). I like the education field too; I enjoy giving drawing and creative classes to people of all age. Right now, I’m going to Nepal to do working group from young people over there. Another centre of interest is life as stage of experiment, as an artwork of the art.

Where does come from your passion for art?

At home there wasn’t any special artistic model; I remember one of the first artworks affecting me were the constructions of Gaudi, I was amazed by someone who had such beauty concepts and able to reproduce it on a scale that big. Then, while growing up, I kept on being amazed and nourished with other sources.

How do you get inspired?

Everything is an inspiration…. Nature, the diverse and strange shapes of the world in which we currently live, the human creation in general and the future of life.

Do you have any favourite artist – Famous or not?

Plenty of them!!! The list is endless and keeps changing, if today you ask me this question I’’d answer you Miranda July, Núria Güell, Núria Mora, Mike Swaney, Isidro Ferrer, Isol, Marta Minujín, Yayoi Kusama... just to give some examples.

How do you proceed to create?

I like to work in different places; at home, at my studio, in bars and pubs… until now I used to draw with a pencil, I scanned it and then I finished it on the computer. Now I’m experimenting mor with the collage technique, trying to develop the format, droping the paper getting closer to this system.

Which kind of product would you like to draw for Camaloon?

I imagine my drawing on plates, carpets, sheets, curtains ans so on. And all of what is related to designed textiles, clothes and and jewelry.

Last comment?

Thank you for this opportunity of showing what I do and the good mood :)

Thanks to you, Elefanta! It's a pleasure to talk to you and to be able to see your designs printed on our products! So sweet!