Causeineedit & Camaloon – Design your phone contest

Design your Phone Contest

Camaloon and CINIBlog join up to work hand in hand, in a contest that will involve designers, illustrators, photographers and lovers of design and new technologies from all over the world.

This is a call to all those who wish to put their talent on show and want to see it applied on a tech device of last generation.

Only a couple of weeks ago Camaloon launched a new line of products including iPhone, iPad and Macbook skins. It's removable vinyl stickers of great quality made for those who want to experiment and see how their design can adapt to technological devices. Here you can find a few examples.

How to participate?

Follow those instructions and download the template to create you iPhone skin.

Here you can download the template for iPhone 4 and 4S

Here you can download the template for iPhone 5

The contest begins today, 18th July, and will end in on 23rd June giving you one week of time to publish your creations on Camaloon's Facebook page

Who wins?

The winner will have the possibility to see his designs printed on our products (pins, magnets and stickers) and will gain a stock of Camaloon products with his design!

There will also be another prize assigned by a special 'Causeineedit jury who will choose their favorite design. The best one will win a coupon to spend on Camaloon!

You design, we costumize

/ federico