How to decorate a diary with custom shaped stickers

Decorating with custom stickers is a fun hobby that can be done sporadically when you have free time during your day.

There are so many ways to use stickers with a custom shape, but now we want to show you how Nina used them as a personal touch for her agenda. Nina is a young german blogger, (this is her blog: Unwritten Blog) with a great passion for DIY, so she decided to add a touch of freshness to her calendar using this sticker from our gallery artist Leah Flores.

In her post she showed us how she decorated her diary. And the truth is, it's very easy!

First, she looked for some coloured cardboards and for stickers.

Then she stuck the stickers on the card. She used the other ones to add some pictures of landscapes and inspiring quotes, a cute idea to use those cards as bookmarks.

Finally, she drilled holes matching the rings of the diary and placing the custom cards where she thought they would fit best.

And that's it! Easy, huh?

Come on, send us your most creative decorating ideas just as Nina did!