Daniel and his role within Camaloon’s Development team

Daniel Gonzàlez Lareo moved from Andorra to Barcelona for his studies in Computer Science at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He stuck around in the city and works as a Developer at Camaloon since three years now. During this period, he contributed to many different projects, and we had the pleasure to talk with Daniel about his experiences.

The Development team’s work

Web development may sound like an unknown world for a layman. A few weeks ago, we talked with our Designer Vincent about designing and pursuing positive experiences for Camaloon’s users, and we learned that ‘simple’ designs are the hardest ones to create. These designs need to be build and shaped by means of coding to put them into practice, and this exactly where the Development team steps in.

Although building the website is an important task of our developers, Daniel is mainly focused on the back office. ‘I am working on the internal logics and data flows of our business processes. Essentially, my job is about understanding what is happening within the company, and automatizing the different flows inside our systems.'

'Fighting' with new features

The team grew from 4 to 10 developers in Daniel’s three years at Camaloon. ‘Our team consists of people from different countries, with differing ideas, cultures, and backgrounds.’ One might think that this causes struggles, but in reality it brings the work of the team to a higher level. ‘We always review each other’s work. This is very important, because there is a lot of experimenting and ‘fighting’ with new features involved in our work.’

A necessary skill: communication

Expertise in technical fields is of course indispensable for a developer, but according to Daniel there is one skill that might be just as important. ‘You need to possess good communication skills, because we work together with many different teams within Camaloon, for example with our designers and product managers. A second reason, and this is even more important, is that we need to be able to clearly explain why we make specific decisions.’

Do you possess these skills and would you like to be the next member of our growing development team? Check out our vacancies for a Full Stack Developer and Salesforce Developer!

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