Confessions of a Sales Ninja

Today we will interview one of Camaloon's Sales Ninjas. We will learn what it means to be one, what he does and how he works in an international environment. Camaloon Ninja What is a Sales Ninja? In case you didn't know Camaloon also sells to companies and Sales Ninjas like me are the bridge between Camaloon and enterprises. What are the goals of a Camaloon Sales Ninja? Wa want to develop the Spanish, French and Italian markets. In order to do so we contact companies to explain why they should trust Camaloon and no other. Why should they? Glad you asked... Camaloon offers high quality products, fast delivery and of course an excellent service. The latter is a cross-action between Sales Ninjas and Customer Support. We fulfill expectations, look for the best possible solution for both the client and us and we constantly generate news ideas for the companies we work for. We envisage possible actions so that they can profit from their investment. Who are the Sales Ninjas? It's Mario "The Boss", Adrià "The Ace", Luca "The Papi", Henri "Kike" and of course I am in too (but still looking for a nickname). Mario and Adrià are in charge for Spain, Luca for Italy and Henri and I are on top of the French market. All the ninjas in Camaloon What is a Ninja's regular day? Sales Ninjas need to find new clients and take care of the ones they already have. We do this by phone, mail and google. We search for companies we believe could be interested in our product and we get in touch with them. We actually work in a great environment with constant brainstorming. Whenever we close a deal we ring a bell. It's kind of a boosting ritual. I just introduced a part of Camaloon, the Sales Ninjas. There are more people in Camaloon who make sure the process of a perfect service and product is ensured. We will soon speak about those other people to make sure they are properly credited. Wanna know more about us? ¡Contact us!
/ federico