Camaloon played Dodgeball as never before

Ben Stiller in dodgeball

In the US it’s called “Dodgeball”, in Germany “Völkerball”, in Spain “Balón prisionero”.

Many of you already know "dogdeball" a 2004 American sports comedy film with Ben Stiller.

(By the by last month they started developing a sequel to the film)

But how many of you have ever played a Dodgeball match?

let's start the game

The main objective of each team is to eliminate all members of the opposing team by hitting them with thrown balls, catching a ball thrown by a member of the opposing team.

Itnig Attack

Camaloon Sprint

Heat of the moment quotes by Camaloon

"It was an wonderful experience of Team Building!"

"Awesome team, we had to win but Tiching was stronger, congratulations to andree huk (@andreehuk) who organized this event"

"Great time with awesome people!! I really want to repeat next year!!"

"Super dooper time! And sore muscles to remember it for a couple of days!!!"

"More referees are needed! A lot of polemic actions happened :)"

"Sweating forehead, watchful eyes, agile legs..We loved this mood!"

In case you wanna practice as well as we did:

Camaloon want to thank Andree for all the dedication and passion that he has had in organizing the 1st Startup Dodgeball Tournament!

We got seconds in the tournament against @Tiching See you next year or before for a indoor soccer match! ;)

The tournament in Berlin, planned for these days, is booked out and sponsored by UBER and Camaloon

Do you want to play DodgeBall?

/ federico