​Camaloon’s crew member : Tatiana

Present yourself in 2 lignes and 3 adjectives.

Tatiana, French (French Father and roots of Togo from my mother), I got my Bachelor Degree in Literature and Hispano-American Civilisations and a Journalism Master. I couldn’t find a job in journalism after my master’s, so I took advantage of the Eurodysée program I’m in, to do an internship in Marketing and Communication because I really wanted to come back to Barcelone (where I already interned during the first year of my Master’s program). I love the city and my experience at Camaloon.

To get to know me quickly, I love discovering new things and especially about international cuisine…

I’m crazy about chocolate and a real lover of pineapples… I’ve done athletics for 16 years and here (in BCN) I play beach volleyball.

3 adjectives to describe me? I’d say : Athletic / energetic / multi-tasking

What did you like in/at Camaloon ?

First of all : The products! I really love them. Then, The good mood at Camaloon’s office, the originality of the company: Wall stickers, bright colours, illuminated, and so on. There is a ping pong table in Camaloon’s kitchen? Like, really? At work ? That’s genius !!

To work at a place you like and you feel great at is really important, and I even like how the workplace is furnished.

In conclusion, I would say that I love working with people from different nationalities, it is really enriching. While I was studying I always favour languages in order to work on them because I knew I wanted to travel. I finally can use what I’ve been learning all this time (and get better!). At Camaloon we work in Spanish, French, English, without forgetting that Italian, Catalan, German, Dutch and Portuguese are also important languages for this company!

Your impressions of your first day?

Really Great! They introduced me to the entire team, I even visited the factory! They really took the time to give me concrete information on Camaloon’s business.

What will be you missions at Camaloon’s ?

At Camaloon’s I am in the brand team (Marketing and Communication), I promote the company and its products on social networks, I translate articles, I fuel the blog and search for partnerships in order to grow our French community. I am looking forward to the challenge!

Tell us something about you… we love to gossip.

I’d love to be part of the Japanese TV show game: Takeshi’s castle…

/ aurelien