With a bouquet and a hashtag

Last week we reached 1500 followers on twitter and we thought it was a good idea to share with all of you this result, so we decided to propose a flash contest on twitter leaving the opportunity for all to express through the 140 characters a dedication of love for #Camaloon. We received several messages and we apreciated all the love you gave us, all the messages came straight to our heart, to all our team!

As promised, we have decided to reward the best tweet with a gift, so we have to announce the winner is...


By sending this message and this picture of pure romantic attempts ;)

I should have bought you flowers and held your hand. # BrunoMars # romantic # traduccionesmolonas for Camaloon

a bouquet with a love message

For all the love and time you have shown we thought to a present, to all participants will want to give a coupon discount in our products, write us here!

And if you you have lost all the tweets sent to us, you can read here!

Thank you all for your love and for all these details!

Yasmina Ninde ‏@yasminapd

Gracias #Camaloon por tus chapas, que molan un montón <3

(Thanks #Camaloon for your pins, they are so cool <3)

peluchito ‏@pelucho23

@camaloon Si original y diferente quieres ser, los articulos de #Camaloon tienes que ver. ¡¡Aciertas si o si!!

(If you want to be original and different, the products of #Camaloon you have to see.)

hijas perezosas ‏@hijasperezosas

@camaloon Con esa carita sonriente no hay quien se resista seguir vuestra marca :) #Camaloon

(With that smiley face no one can resist your brand :) #Camaloon

molmola ‏@molmola

I should have bought you flowers and held your hand. #BrunoMars romántica #traduccionesmolonas para #Camaloon

Alex Fortes Llamas ‏@Aleeexx15

@camaloon #Camaloon Pins y chapas podrás comprar, con todo el amor podrás regalar, y con todo el cariño podrás recibir a tus seres queridos.

(Pins and badges you can buy, with all the love you can give, and you can receive all the affection to your loved ones.)

Sarah_SocialMedia ‏@Sara_Quesada

Un amore.Quello vissuto.Quello perso.Quello cercato.Quello sognato. Un amore nella tua vita. Perchè senza un amore non è una vita. #Camaloon

A love. A lived one. A missed one. A searched one. A dreamed one. A love in your life. Because without a love is not a life #Camaloon

pintandounamama ‏@pintandounamama

#Camaloon nos miramos en el espejo de vuestras chapas y nuestra sonrisa reluce más.Creatividad al poder,buen gusto y estilazo con @camaloon

(#Camaloon we look in the mirror of your badges and your smile shines more. Power for creativity)

Crisnasa Blog ‏@crisnasaba

Una libreta sin vida se convierte en un baúl de buenas ideas sólo con alegrarla con un adhesivo by #camaloon pic.twitter.com/ERYVCRcDDo

(A lifeless book becomes a trunk of good ideas only cheer with a sticker by #Camaloon)

Webijob ‏@webijob

Rond Ovale ou Carré, brillant métallique ou doré, sur un frigo ou un tee-shirt violet #Camaloon m’a permis de créer ce dont je rêvais! Merci

Giorgia C ‏@pucketta

#camaloon grazie a te la mia fantasia, da pura, si trasforma in qualcosa che posso toccare. grazie! ora che ti ho trovato non ti lascerò più

(#camaloon thanks to you my fantasy, to be pure, it turns into something I can touch. thank you! now that I've found you I will never let you.)

Paco Martínez ‏@ChocoPaco

Cama cama cama cama cama #Camaloon You come and go, you come and go ♪♫

/ federico