​Camaloon cheers the French Bobsleigh Team up!

The French athletes created badges with Camaloon as a souvenir from the Olympic Games of Sochi!

Badges bobsleigh french teamCamaloon badges Bobsleigh Team France Sochi

To participate in the Olympic Games is a real accomplishment for every sportsman. The bobbers’

qualification will remain in their mind forever. We wanted to freeze these moments combining their

pictures with our main product: The Camaloon’s badges.

Discrete but as also noticeable, they suit perfectly to the sportsmen equipment. An immortal item

they will bring everywhere with them.

Badges Camaloon Bobsleigh FranceBadges Camaloon French Team Bobsleigh

We are proud to support these champions and we hope we’ll print many more happy moments of

their sportive career.

You think the athletes don’t train because it’s summer? Actually, it’s totally the opposite, because

they need to get in shape right now to be even better for winter! To know more about their

training program and their results follow these two teams on the Facebook page: Team Loic Costerg

and Bobteam Godefroy

Bobsleigh Team France

/ tatiana