Badges funding surgeons in Kenya

Our story begins in the Latina district of Madrid and ends on the desert plains of Turkana.

Amidst of the whir of Frappuchinos and signs blaring discounts, Bar Turkana was founded on a street corner in Madrid with an extraordinary pitch: 100% of its proceeds would fund a team of five Spanish doctors who fly out once a year to treat the ill and elderly in northwestern Kenya.

These doctors, known as the "Turkana Surgeons" (or "Cirugía en Turkana" in Spanish) began their project 2004 when a doctor and missionary called upon colleagues from the medical profession to join him in what has been long been considered as the poorest area of Kenya, with an average ratio of just 1 doctor to some 75,000 patients.

Many people have collaborated with Bar Turkana to support the cause, including a certain Spanish illustrator by the name of Sandra García. Last July, Camaloon organised a youth talent competition at the 2015 IlustraTour Festival; the winner, García, decided to use her prize bag of 50 Camaloon badges, 25 magnets and 25 stickers to create an entire campaign in support of Turkana Surgeons.

The young illustrator, inspired by Turkana fashions, created these incredible personalised products. Check out her Instagram feed to see more.

Each badge, magnet and sticker has a word in the Turkana language and its translation into Spanish, as well as illustrations inspired by images of the Turkana people.

At Camaloon, we are proud to support such awesome causes and encourage illustrators and artists to use their art in support of good causes. After all, a humble badge, fridge magnet or sticker has incredible power to convey ideas among people everywhere.

/ kate.busby