Come back to school

Back to school

Summers holidays are almost getting over and we’re all going back to the same routine.

Except some lucky people that planned to take their vacations in September in oder to avoid this nostalgic feeling of the ending summer.

On Camaloon, we decided to give you some more colours to cheer up the sad event of you going back to normal!

Starting with…. T-shirts!

T-shirt Camaloon "Never grow up"T-shirt Camaloon "Gravity is a lie"

There is no better way than to get a funny and fresh T-shirts to forget your sadness! Smile and laugh with our T-shirt and get rid of this nostalgic feeling!

Make your smile shine on our T-shirts Shop!

And now…. Stickers!

Sticker Camaloon "Monsters"Dog die cut Camaloon

What about to fill in your agenda, your books and your wallet? Use colourful artworks created by Camaloon artists such as Maria José De Luz! They will bring your office or your school furnitures back to life!

Let’s finish with… Badges!

Home is where you are Camaloon badgeAerosoiled Camaloon Badge

You know our badges for sure with their different shapes, sizes and finishes, but…. Have you noticed how many more designs there are for this product?

Camaloon has got badges with designs that suit your to your bag and to your suitcase as well creating stories that will stay by your side when September starts.

From now on you know how to turn your daily memories into some special ones! Camaloon won’t let you don’t!

Be happy to go back to school with Camaloon!