About Sales at Camaloon: professional growth and customer relationships

François Reynal and Markus Murakaru are two promising young men working in the sales department at Camaloon. Their meticulous work in the sector has contributed significantly to the success of their respective markets, France and Germany. How? With values like involvement, culture, security, and responsibility. And the certainty that technology can always help people improve themselves.

About François: from SDR to Team Leader of the French Market

François is a charismatic 26-year-old Camalooner. He carefully doses “I” from “us” and always speaks about teamwork and engagement. François is able to put his strong beliefs into practice and make the French team grow.

“To be honest” he begins “I didn’t know about Camaloon before applying on LinkedIn. Then I informed myself and I found the project cool and interesting. So, I went further in the interview process, and after meeting the Head of HR, Anela, I really wanted to join this family and grow with them.” Since then, François has proven his value to the company and was able to grow professionally, starting as SDR, continuing to business developer, until his current role of Team Leader. “The French team kept growing and needed a bit of centralization, so in February of this year I took over the management of the team.” Through his position, François hopes to get the opportunity to gain transversality and learn about different markets. He his also focused on trying to adapt processes and improve them to each market.

About Markus: from SDR to Account Manager of the German Market

At the age of 22, Markus is one of the youngest Account Managers of Camaloon. He arrived at the company in September 2018, in the middle of the economic boom of Camaloon. Newly appointed as Junior Account Manager of the German Market, he hopes to continue his career in Sales. And when we ask him why other people should join the team he gives as a short and clear answer: “Our sales department is a young driven environment, where you have the possibility to start your career as a sales professional and grow within the company.”

Then he talks about his current role at Camaloon: “I am making sure that our clients get the best customized products and prices within the right delivery time to their projects”. He also doesn’t have any doubt about his favorite product: “Bottle opener magnets with matte lamination. They are a go to for any kind of events”.

Inside the Sales Team: the process of making an order and becoming a regular client

But what does the Sales Department really do on a daily basis at Camaloon? So, let’s say that a potential client makes a phone call to the sales department, it will be answered by a Partner Manager. The PM will get the maximum information from the client to try to identify the client’s needs and create the best proposition

Most of the times, salesmen create samples to let the client have a real see and touch to the product. An important part of the process is also the mock-up, realized by the validation department.

If the client agrees with the proposition and the mock-up, the PM confirm the payment terms and launches the production.

Then, the client will connect with an Account Manager that is responsible to build and preserve a trust relationship with the client. For this, he has to know the most he can about the client to always have a solution to provide, and make their entire purchasing process with Camaloon as easy and efficient as possible.

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