There are many occasions when we need to look for gifts for Her, girlfriend, just friend, sister, mother, daughter or colleague. In some cases, it is quite simple to find affordable and interesting gifts: such as a gift for a small daughter - with a small teddy bear you will make her the happiest person in the world. The St. Valentine's theme gift - anything that represents your love is what she expects to get on that day! If we speak about Christmas gifts it is a time when the world is turning into one big shop of gifts and catalogue of ideas at the same time. There are even commercial statistics available to public use on what gifts are the most popular and appreciated for this particular holiday. In percentage, it would look as follows: clothes or shoes (52%), food/drink (50%), health & beauty (42%) and toys & games (31%).

At the same time, there are other occasions that are more demanding and require all your imagination, memory and attention. Imagination will be needed to think about something new, something unusual and something very personal, so that she feels that you put an effort into making her happy. The idea of the gift should not look as if it was found on the street on the way to her. Memory will be very handy to remember what you have already offered her before. It may come out really bad if you offer by mere forgetfulness the same gift as, let's say, 3 years ago. She may take it, turn it into a joke but this mistake may haunt you for years, unless you offer the same gift in three years again, making it a fun family tradition. Attention is the key to the best gift. Girls are not so complicated when it comes to reading their emotions. Just look at their reaction and verbal hints “It's so cute!”, “Gosh, it is SO beautiful!” or just a simple sound “Wheee!”. Remember the place and the goodie that caused such a flow of positive emotions, buy it and offer with or without the reason!

Personalised gifts for her

First of all, there are different types of “gifts for her” and there are different meanings of personalised gifts. When you type these word in the browser search bar, what do you actually mean? Are you looking for a gift for the girl that you like and you want to show your feeling through this special gift? Are you looking for a gift to your girlfriend on her birthday or just an act of attention and love? Perhaps you are looking for a gist to a friend who is a girl and you need some inspiration...

There are plenty of ideas and our first hint, before actually giving concrete ideas, is to try both a general and a more specific search in your browser.

Second of all, there are several ways you can look at the task of searching and finding gifts.

If you are a believer in an individual approach for each and every gift you offer, then you will surely spend a lot of time on investigating different websites and platforms for ideas. Perhaps you will check various online offers of personalisation of the gifts, such as unique prints, engraving or embroidery, or you can even choose the way of doing the gift yourself. Spending a whole lot of time on searching or actually crafting the gift does not guarantee its positive impact if the idea of the gift does not resonate with her wishes and expectations. The first step is to clearly understand what makes her happy. And this is exactly why you should not discard a simple and classical approach. Think about what are the basic gifts for her.

The way you choose will depend on the occasion, the style of your relationship and personality of the girl or woman who you are looking for the gift to.

What is the most thoughtful gift for a girlfriend?

The most thoughtful gifts for a girlfriend are the ones that are based on her wishes, hobbies, and needs. They are the gifts that upon receiving she is saying “How did you know?” or “ You remembered!”. And it can be literally anything: a piece of clothes that she saw a couple of weeks ago at the showcase, a perfume that wears her favourite actress who she is looking up for, a jewellery she once had but lost.

If you want to show that you are ready for a new step of relationship give a hint via a thoughtful and meaningful gift - a pet.

What is the best simple gift for a girl?

Bunch of flowers

Start with the basics of a true gentleman: offer your girlfriend a bunch of flowers. Check up beforehand what her favourite flowers are and if she has a vase to put them in.

Why not to play with an idea of "sets"and choose some variations of a classical bunch of flowers. You can create a flower message bouquet and choose the component of the bunch by the secret meaning that each flower carries in it. For example, choose a bunch of flowers and add Heliotrope as a message of eternal love and devotion.

You can as well create a bunch of sweets or teas and coffees, which is a great way to be simple, yet original and practical. You will easily find some nice arrangements of small boxes in the shape of a bunch of flowers. A perfect option for those who do not want to overheat the brain with chasing the ideal gift yet want to look imaginative.

Invitation for dinner

Inviting your girlfriend to a nice restaurant with a refined menu and live music, can be your perfect choice. Give her an extra occasion to get dressed up, feel special and enjoy the moment when there are just two of you spending time together. (Joke: Do not underestimate the importance of feeding a girl.)

An opinion of surprise homemade dinner is at the top of the list of simple gifts for a girl as well. Ask her to get dressed up, pour her a glass of wine and say you will take care of the rest. Attention after all is the best gift.

Make-up and skincare

You will be surprised to know how simple it is to give your girlfriend a good gift from make-up and skincare products. All you need to do is check the brand of the makeup she uses, if it is not convenient - ask her friend, go to the same shop and buy the exact same item. If you are not certain about your choice, take a gift receipt. That will give your couple a chance to change the product for another one that is more relevant at the moment. Do not forget to make her a compliment on how beautiful she is today and always.

Personalised birthday gifts for her

One would say that a birthday gift is one of the most important and should be well thought through. Ideally, it should be personalised. Though personalisation does not mean only named products, it means that the gift is bought or prepared based on the wishes and preferences of the person this gift is offered to.

Customised items for spring and summer activities

If you are looking for the ideas today, then some fresh suggestions of the personalised items for spring and summer activities might be very much aligned with your search.

Bamboo Speaker

From May till September we are trying to fill each day with parties and/or outdoor activities. If your girlfriend shares this vibe of joyful events with barbecue and good music, check up the option of a personalised bamboo speaker. It is a practical gift that will make her a master of music and a very welcomed guest at every party.

Come up with a text or image that will represent your girlfriend or make her smile, engrave it on the frontal part of the bamboo speaker and offer it with sweet wishes of happy birthday.

Personalised Bamboo Speaker


She is a girl that loves casual style for work, leisure time or home wear. Pick up a good quality T-shirt (one of the core garment elements of casual style) made of organic cotton, think of the picture or fun phrase and make a unique personalised gift for her. You can make a set of three T-shirts suitable for each of the above-mentioned occasions. Thanks to the recent printing techniques you do not need to bother with choosing the colours and paying attention to the complexity of the design. Just choose the idea and make a real gift out of it.

Does she like to borrow your t-shirts for home wear? Choose the T-shirt for men, make it as alike as possible to the t-shirt she is constantly borrowing from you and add a special text to turn it into a good nature joke.

Customised T-shirt

Beach bags

A beach bag is a magical item. A simple bag of jute or tote that will always raise your mood, because subconsciously it is an indicator that something good is going to happen. A large bag full of stuff to enjoy the day.

It will be a great present for your girlfriend if she is a spring-born or you are planning to have a vacation together. It can even be a hint of where you might be taking her this summer. Make a customised beach bag with the name of the resort you are going to and put inside the plane tickets to get there.

Personalised beach bags

Eco-friendly mugs

Spring and summer are the seasons when we have an opportunity to enjoy staying in the parks, banks of the river and terraces. The recent “new reality” sadly interferes in our daily life and affects the way we are spending our free time when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. Bars with terraces are turning into something rare and uncertain. Yet we still have a bit of freedom to stay outside in the open air and spacious public areas. Picnics and takeaway drinks are trendy more than ever.

Personalised eco-friendly mugs

Customised items for sport activities

We are paying more and more attention to our health, state of mind and body. Sadly but for some people the push for being more fit and cautious about their physical condition was the pandemic. Well, at least there's a silver lining if we all eventually take more care of our own health and the one of who we love.

Whether your girlfriend is already keen on doing sport or still towing to be more physically active, a personalised sports device will be a gift of motivation for being fit and well.

Yoga mats

One of the essential devices for doing sport inside the premises or in the open air is a yoga mat. Would it be power fitness, yoga meditation or pilates the mat is something that will always be needed. Print the name of your girlfriend on it so that it will never be forgotten or recollected by accident during the group session.

Customised yoga mat

Vest tops

Loose open tank tops may not be on the list of standard gifts for her. But who said it cannot be appreciated and enjoyed when used. It is the spirit they convey, the moments when they are put on. Add a personalised vest top made of ecological material in the set of sport-related gifts. And do pay attention to what you put as a print on the front of the vest top, making it a fun or something that depicts her personality.

Personalised vest tops

Sport bottles

What about an individual water bottle with imprinted initials or maybe even the engraved sketch of the smiling face of your girlfriend. This customised bottle can be used for hiking, travelling and just as a stylish item for a hectic busy day when she has to be on the run in the concrete jungle.

Personalised sports bottles

All the ideas and hints on how to make a personalisation of the birthday gift for your girlfriend can be a present just on its own . But the main purpose behind these products is the motivation and support for a healthy and sportive lifestyle. It may happen from time to time that tiredness and laziness grow bigger than our desire to go out for running or doing other sports exercises in the open air. That is why any sport-related gift can be reinforced by the meaning of doing things together and motivating each other. Make a set of these items for her and for you. Print similar or complimenting images or texts on the bottles, tank tops or yoga mats. In the long run, the gift will be your participation and spending time together.

Unusual personalised gifts

Subscription to a special gym

In this article we have dwelled a lot on the topic of doing sport and outdoor activities to stay fit and how it can be a fruitful ground to find interesting and nice gifts for her. If you want to go the extra mile and finalise the spot-related idea of a gift, consider a full subscription to a gym nearby her home or work at least for a couple of months. Make sure the service is great and there is a big choice of group activities that she can attend.

Personalised wall stickers

We all have wishes and goals that are dragged through years without turning into a reality. To learn a new language, to lose weight and get fit, to travel to a new place, to become more confident and happy with oneself.

There are a number of practices that help us to push through that area of stagnation and doubts. It can be a 30 days action plan for achieving the goal. It can be a set of actions throughout a year with milestones that will monitor, motivate and encourage you to keep going.

Depending on the option you choose it can be a one-page wall sticker, personalised with the goals specially tailored for her. It can be a full year calendar customised with pictures of her and her role models, certain actions and checkpoints on exact dates, motivating images and quotes.

Personalised wall stickers can also be just for fun and decoration of a living room or bedroom. Colourful panoramic picture of the place she has been already or wishes to go.

Customised wall stickers

Throw her a party

The best gift is positive emotions, bright experiences and colourful memories. Organise a surprise super party for her. This party can be related to a special occasion like birthday, end of studies, proposal, but not obligatory. A surprise party can be just for the sake of a surprise party, which will make it even more unexpected.

Gather all her friends, decorate the area with personalised items like funny pictures of her life, balloons with stickers that have quotes, jokes and images she likes. Games with the theme of how great she is. Do not forget to prepare funny awards for the winners.

Personalised gifts for women

Body care session

Book a visit or a set of sessions to a beauty salon that is well-known for its quality of service. Make a personalised pack of treatment for her, with an option to have it altered upon her preference. Ask to set relaxing music mixed with her favourite songs, that will surely surprise her. The idea can consist of a session for body care such as massage, chocolate enrolling, specialised treatment of the skin and shower or bath with tonic effect.

First, find a good place and ask for advice on treatment and how it can be customised to your idea.

Activities or hobbies

Signing up for the activities or hobbies that she is interested in and talking about for months or years but never found a moment, possibility or courage to actually start it. Find the school that is teaching how to dance twist or how to learn an aquarelle painting, subscribe her to a singing or theatre club. Make her step out of her comfort zone and get new experiences.

Do not force though and if needed keep her company for this new experience.

Home and kitchen utilities

We are not talking about a basic frying pan or cooking pot. We are talking about items:

  1. that are meant to make her daily routine easier
  2. that she may not afford in the coming months, but she really wants
  3. that will be a useful utility for her cooking hobbies like cake decoration
  4. that is just beautiful and will be a practical design tool in her kitchen
  5. that can introduce a new tradition to enjoy the taste of life

Use these criteria to look for a perfect gift for a woman regardless of her age. A vintage coffee molder with a copper decoration and easy use will be equally appreciated as a funny 21st birthday gift for a young girl and as an unusual 50th birthday gift for a lady.

Personalised pouch

Our daily life is getting more practicality-oriented and for women, it is important to have things organised and easy to reach even in her bags. That is why small pouches that can be used for storing small items are gaining popularity as a gift for women. Personalised toiletry bags in bright colours with her printed name on it will make her happy and proud to use them.

Customised toiletry cotton bag

Personalised gift hamper for her

One of the main trends of personalised gifts for women is beautifully arranged hampers filled with items and products she loves. There are shops that are specialised in creating such gift hampers and they can offer you plentiful ideas that will surprise you as much as her.

However, if you want to make it as personalised as possible, be the one who creates a list of products that you should include in this hamper and choose them primarily among the things she likes, uses and wishes for.

The gift hampers can be thematic: make-up, skin and hair care; exotic and refined food, local specialties and canned delicacies; or a mix of everything.

Personalised photo gifts

Another trend of recent years that is still very popular and has a lot of potential for imaginative gifts is a personalised photo gift.

Thanks to modern printing technologies you can have printed almost anything on almost everything. The most common idea is a tea mug with a wrap-around photo print on it, beach blankets with the large scale print on one side, keychains with a nice engravement of the name, date or place it was offered as well as a photo in colour print, drinkware for long cocktails personalised with a group photo of close friends, customised with full-colour image tote bags that she can use on daily basis.

Bonus idea

Personalised gift on Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has already passed but who said that mothers deserve to get presents just on a special day?

Fulfill one of her long-time wishes

Each of us has a chest of unrealised wishes, bigger or smaller ones! Ask your mother what she has always dreamt of. Maybe when she was a child, maybe when she was a rebellious young lady with ig, crazy dreams of becoming a rock star. Book an event studio, get the stylist, photographer and karaoke machine with her favourite songs… Do not forget a glass of Champagne to ease the stiffness and sing with her… This might be an unforgettable experience that will remind and unleash the joyfulness of youth. Keep some pictures of your mom in a rock and roll style as a visual reminder that dreams do come true. Print the best photo on something that she can use from time to time. For example, a personalised mug or a homeware T-shirt with a print.

Personalised photo mug

A gift card

A gift card to the shop of clothes, accessories or perfumes. Let your mom treat herself right, spoil with good quality items. Gift cards eliminate the frequent stoppers argument “It is too expensive, we have other priorities, where will I wear it!”. And yet will give her freedom of choice to get what she wants and likes. After all, even if we know our parents very well, there are always ideas or preferences we would have never guessed.

PS, If going with her to shopping is not an option, ask for a photo report to be sure this gift card was used on her and not for this year's Christmas gifts!


We acknowledge once again that looking for a gift for her may not be an easy task. But with our general ideas and more practical hints and guidance on how to get a personalised gift for different occasions, this activity will be more fun than frustrating.

What is a welcome pack?

A welcome pack is a self-defining concept. It is a pack of different items and useful stuff that are given to someone as a welcome greeting. It is commonly assembled from appropriate items depending on the circumstances and prepared in order to facilitate the necessary information for a newcomer.

Historically welcome packs have been associated with the work environment. Simple work desk tools to complete the office duties, such as a notebook, pen, pencil and calendar, were given away on the first day. As years passed and the concept of corporate culture and corporate responsibility evolved, welcome packs reinforced their original purpose and turned into one of the marketing tools for the companies.

The welcome pack got transformed into a sort of statement of what the company believes in and how it treats the employees. Depending on the company, welcome packs include intangible social benefits and items that respect social responsibility, that is why there are more and more job offers that include welcome packs as an extra reason for a high-skilled candidate to apply for the open position.

Building the external image of the company starts with building this image in the eyes of the employees, they are your advocates and speakers to the world.

Father's Day is not among the holidays that have a long history or got its acknowledgment at once. Yet nowadays it is becoming more and more popular in different parts of the world and the UK is not an exception to that trend. And no wonder why! The concept of celebrating Father's Day is based on logic and common sense, which is to say "Thank you Dad for everything that you have given to me. I love you!". And let's be honest, sometimes it is easier to show these feelings through a gift than saying it out loud.

So let's start with some awesome ideas for the gifts. And if you have a couple of minutes more and curiosity to learn about the origins of the holiday, traditions of celebrating it, and why it is important to keep this tradition alive, just scroll down the article and have a look.

Classical Father's Day gifts

We will start with some traditional ideas of the gifts that proved through history that they will always be appreciated and relevant.

1. A book

A book is the best gift at all times and occasions. If your father is a big reader that this idea is not classical and simple but also very relevant since it will not be put on the shelf and forgotten. You can choose from the new works of a favourite author of your father, or a limited edition of the favourite book. It can also be a try-out of a new genre from the ones that your father usually prefers. Has he read the winners of prestige publishing awards, such as Nobel prize in Literature, Pulitzer Prize, Publishing Prize or Commonwealth Writers Prize as an example.

Make an extra touch and sign a book. Put in handwriting the greetings for this occasion on the inner side of a title page or dedication page.

2. Personalised T-shirt

One of the most popular and common gifts for Father's Day is a personalised T-shirt. The good point of this idea is that it can be always repeated and has plentiful options for the designs and room for imagination. It can be used for different purposes: for homeware, for trips or for doing sport. Spor T-shirts will be always reminding about the bond between a parent and a child as well as spending time together doing some sport or funny activity.

Why not offer a set of T-shirts that would depict something that they have in common. Something that would represent both of them or show how alike they are. For example, a set of T-shirts for the father and his son or sons with a funny picture of them fooling around or doing some sport together and a text below the image "Like father like son".

In this day and age where more and more marketing campaigns are fully based and conducted only online, does promotional merchandising still work?

The simple answer is YES, and better than ever before.

In an extensive market research study conducted by the British Promotional Merchandising Association in 2013, 1000 people from different sectors were asked about how promotional products have had an impact on their professional and personal lives. This study showed that 94.1% would like to receive promotional products more often and 55.9% report that they use the promotional products they received several times. The same study shows that 50.7% believes that promotional products have the best ability to get them to take action, more particularly they speak about Mugs, Pens, and USB Flash Drives being the promotional items that urge them to recall or contact the advertiser.

Choosing what kind of promotional product you want to have for your advertising campaigns is not always easy, and when there are multiple variations of that product it can be even trickier. Luckily, at Camaloon we understand this struggle and want to make it as straightforward as possible for you to make your decision and be pleased with what you receive. Our personalised magnets are a popular choice, but which ones are right for you? Let's go through the options.

Promotional flexible magnets

Our promotional flexible fridge magnets come in a thickness of either 0.4 or 0.75 mm and are made from PVC (the abbreviation of a widely produced plastic polymer, polyvinyl chloride) with your choice of matte or glossy finish. Thanks to their price, these fridge magnets are a great choice for large advertising campaigns where the goal is to increase brand visibility. While fridge magnets can be used as a whimsical ornament or simply serve as decoration, they are often also used to hold the shopping lists of your clients or even the art made by their children. Whatever the function, the key thing is that once printed with your logo with full-color UV printing, your brand will always be on show.

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