Daniel Gonzàlez Lareo moved from Andorra to Barcelona for his studies in Computer Science at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. He stuck around in the city and works as a Developer at Camaloon since three years now. During this period, he contributed to many different projects, and we had the pleasure to talk with Daniel about his experiences.

The Development team’s work

Web development may sound like an unknown world for a layman. A few weeks ago, we talked with our Designer Vincent about designing and pursuing positive experiences for Camaloon’s users, and we learned that ‘simple’ designs are the hardest ones to create. These designs need to be build and shaped by means of coding to put them into practice, and this exactly where the Development team steps in.

Although building the website is an important task of our developers, Daniel is mainly focused on the back office. ‘I am working on the internal logics and data flows of our business processes. Essentially, my job is about understanding what is happening within the company, and automatizing the different flows inside our systems.'

'Fighting' with new features

The team grew from 4 to 10 developers in Daniel’s three years at Camaloon. ‘Our team consists of people from different countries, with differing ideas, cultures, and backgrounds.’ One might think that this causes struggles, but in reality it brings the work of the team to a higher level. ‘We always review each other’s work. This is very important, because there is a lot of experimenting and ‘fighting’ with new features involved in our work.’

A necessary skill: communication

Expertise in technical fields is of course indispensable for a developer, but according to Daniel there is one skill that might be just as important. ‘You need to possess good communication skills, because we work together with many different teams within Camaloon, for example with our designers and product managers. A second reason, and this is even more important, is that we need to be able to clearly explain why we make specific decisions.’

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Creative and digital subjects had already captured Vincent’s attention from a young age. This interest kept on growing and led him to his current job as UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) Product Designer at Camaloon. He is originally from France, spent parts of his life in Germany and Taiwan for his studies, and fell in love with Barcelona for its pleasant culture and the fact that the city is getting more and more focused on Digital. We sat down with Vincent to talk about his career and his views on designing.

Designing, a hobby turned into a full time job

Although creating things in the digital environment is one of Vincent’s hobbies for more than a decade already, he is only 25 years old. It is safe to say that his interest in designing became a real passion. Nevertheless, he did not choose a typical design education. ‘I studied at a Business School in Lille, where I specialized in Management of Information Systems. Creative thinking and problem solving challenges always kept me interested during my studies, so it became my goal to work in UX design.’ Now that goal is fulfilled, Vincent and his team are facing many other challenges.

'Simple' designs are the hardest ones to create

Camaloon aims at offering the best customization services for many different types of users, from large companies to individuals. All of these users have different skill sets and needs, and the design team’s challenges are to find the best and simplest way to satisfy them all. ‘We need to get into the minds of our users in order to understand their needs and pain points, and to find opportunities for improvement. This is a hard thing to do, but this challenge also makes our work fun.’ The fact that many of our users are not working with design tools on a daily basis makes it even more challenging. ‘The users should be guided in a simple way. However, simple designs are always the hardest ones to create. We put a lot of effort in researching, testing, observing, and evaluating, in order to improve our work.’

Eagerness to learn is key

New tools are developed continuously within the design industry, and keeping up with them is essential for a designer. ‘You need to invest in continuous learning, because the industry evolves so rapidly. This makes the job very interesting, even though it takes a lot of time and effort.’

Camaloon is evolving as well, just like the design industry, and this may offer the perfect opportunity for you. We are constantly looking for new talent. If you are the perfect fit for one of our vacancies, we would love to welcome you at Camaloon.

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Although he has Hungarian roots, David spent most of his life in London. It is the city where he studied International Business in English and Spanish, by which he paved the way for his working career. His Spanish knowledge quickly turned out to be very useful, since one of the first steps in his career has been to move to Spain. Get to know David, his job, and his ambition within Camaloon.

The city can be seen as an extra perk of working at Camaloon

Working in Barcelona brings many additional advantages. “I love to work and live in this city, for example for its culture, weather, and beach. For me, it is a very positive contrast compared to the busy nature of London.” After the decision to move to Barcelona, it was time to look for a job. David became Account Manager for the UK market at Camaloon, and he is a valuable member of our team for one and a half years now. “The position fitted really well with my previous experience in guest relations. The most important thing is that it is about making people happy.” How he does it? “Essentially by doing as much as you can do for our customers, for example by responding to requests, following up on orders, or providing aftercare. It is about building a firm relationship with them.”

Willing to go the extra mile

A lot has changed since David’s first day at Camaloon. “My goal is to help Camaloon grow in the UK market and to keep developing myself as well. When I started at Camaloon, I was the only one in the department. Now we are with three, and there is still a lot of space for growth.” At Camaloon we look for new Junior Sales Development Representatives for different European markets. “It is a diverse job, you should for example be organized, proactive, able to sell, and to follow up. These are only to name a few. It comes down to be willing to go the extra mile."

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After studying and gaining work experience in several countries, Veronica decided that it was time to move from Italy to Spain for a new adventure. So she did, and she has been working at Camaloon for almost a year already. During the past year she clearly experienced the dynamic and innovative character of Camaloon, as she changed job positions within the company twice and feels how the organisation is evolving each day. We talked with Veronica about her journey.

Plenty of opportunities to grow

Personal learning and development are fundamental within Camaloon. This is perfectly illustrated by the moves that Veronica made within the company. "I started in November 2017 as an intern at Customer Support. Already in January 2018 I became a Business Developer within the sales department, and last month I advanced to Junior Account Manager." Her interest in sales and her proficiency in as much as five languages made these advancements possible. "You can feel that there are many opportunities to grow within the company." The next language to acquire? "Catalan. The people within the company come from all over the world. That really helps in learning to speak new languages."

Finding enjoyment in your job

Being an account manager means being in contact with people all day, be it handling questions, problems, or other requests. "I am an outgoing person, I love to communicate with customers and helping them. It feels really good when your customers are happy with the process, with their products, or when they show they appreciate the personal interaction." Being an account manager also means collaborating and being connected with employees in several other departments. "The team is very young and fun to work in. This brings a positive vibe during work, but even more during our weekly after-work beers!"

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