Who we are

We are Camaloon - a young, multicultural and multidisciplinary startup-company from Barcelona. On our platform you can create and buy your own products (such as t-shirts buttons, stickers, magnets, skins, wall decals and cases ) or browse and buy artworks created by exceptional designers just for you!

Camaloon means passion for printing. Each and every uploaded design is like a promise to our clients. When you receive something printed in our factory not only will you visually recognise it, you will be able to feel it through your touch.

We're always working to ensure:

  • the greatest quality at an affordable price
  • an outstanding service to produce exactly what you are promised
  • environmentally friendly production processes and protection of human rights .

The materials we use are of the highest quality and so are our production techniques. We are completely devoted to developing and promoting an accessible platform and providing an outstanding service to ensure the perfect print as the standard result. We want you to smile when you receive a Camaloon product.

We have the vision to empower people to stand out from the crowd by democratising access to design and designing.

We started working at the beginning of 2012 and have grown steadily ever since. We now have our production plant in Barcelona, just next to our office so we can be even closer to one another.

You might have already gotten to know some of us who talk to you via chat, mail or phone and here you can see all the other Camalooners and our friendly alien, the Camaloon itself, in one of our first videos:

Camaloon is a dynamic workspace where things are continuously changing and evolving. Nothing is set in stone and everyone’s contribution is vital to define the path we walk. That’s why there is a constant craving for fresh ideas, for talent.
When we look for new team members we strive to find extraordinary individuals, charged with ideas that will make us grow.

Do you wish to contribute?Check out our job offers on itnig:

We value creativity, thirst for learning, constant improvement, commitment and passion for visual art. We try to nurture those pillars in all company members by providing the right workspace, a fun environment where not only is work-time important but also relaxing moments, recreative activities like ping pong and out-of-office ones like lunch and drinks together, volley-ball and many others.

Other than joining our team you can help us stay in touch and share our mission on Facebook or Twitter.

Are you interested in featuring our story or getting in touch with our press office for other reasons? Please write to press@camaloon.com.

Get inspiration from our community, let your imagination take form and be noticed!

Your Camalooners!